So how did Boy Scout Logan do in the ‘MasterChef Junior’ finale?

Spoilers follow! Don’t read if you haven’t yet watched the Season 2 finale of MasterChef Junior.

Sixteen young chefs entered Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior competition, but only one left with the title of champion and a check for $100,000.

The show, a spinoff of Ramsay’s popular MasterChef, pits 8- to 13-year-olds against one another in a series of increasingly difficult cooking challenges.

Those race-the-clock challenges — including filleting Alaskan salmon, flipping pancakes and cooking the perfect sunny-side-up eggs — were no match for Logan Guleff, a 12-year-old Boy Scout from Troop 34 of the Chickasaw Council, headquartered in Memphis, Tenn.

Logan, who first made headlines in Boys’ Life magazine, won the finale and title of MasterChef Junior champion in Tuesday night’s show.


His winning dishes: a mouthwatering appetizer of grilled shrimp prawns with smoked saffron aioli and olive tapenade and a delicious-looking entree of salt-crusted branzino with chimichurri sauce.

Something tells me there’s a good chance the Scouts and leaders of Troop 34 will ask Logan to make the menu for their next campout.

While watching MasterChef Junior, it was inspiring to see how well Logan handled the pressure of cooking with cameras and professional chefs watching his every move. When he made a mistake, he owned up to it. When a competitor made a better dish than his, he was gracious and humble.

But in the end, it was Logan who outlasted all others, and he did so while being a great example for Boy Scouts everywhere. Congratulations, Logan!

One question remains

Does Logan have his Cooking merit badge yet? If not, Facebook commenter Matt M. has a suggestion: “Chef Ramsay should sign his blue card. Any Scout who puts up Gordon Ramsay for any period of time while cooking has done more than enough to earn the Cooking MB.”

True, Ramsay has a reputation for being fiery, but Logan told Memphis Parent magazine he found the chef quite encouraging.

While Ramsey [sic] is known for being tough, he showed his tender side in one segment when a flank steak Logan prepared fell short. Disappointed, he briefly lost his composure. But Ramsey [sic] quickly gave him a hug and told him how to work through the problem. “I’m very much a perfectionist,” he admits. “If a dish is to go on a restaurant menu, then it needs to be perfect.”

Repeat airing scheduled

You can watch a re-airing of the season finale at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central) Friday (Dec. 19) on Fox .


  1. AMAZING job Logan!!!! You can cook for the Scouts ANY time!!! I bet your Summer & Winter Camp Kitchen Staffs would love tou have your input!!!

  2. Even if Chef Ramsey could not sign the merit badge off. There have been enough adults from the boys troop who can sign off on his merit badge.

  3. So proud of Logan. I watched the show last night and now we are going to watch the rerun of the MasterChef Junior on Fridays. My son is nearly 8 and wants to watch too. He and I both think that Gordon Ramsey and Logan should take a DNA test the two of them look so much alike. I showed my son the picture of Logan with the three judges and focused in on Logan and Ramsey and said “If I told you these two were father and son would you believe me?” He said “YES”.

  4. When did his Scoutmaster approve him to start work on the Cooking Merit Badge? It makes a difference on the requirements. I did not see any of the episodes. Did they have an episode where they cooked on light weight stove or low impact fire. Or did they use five of the seven cooking methods? A scout needs to complete the requirements as written – no more/no less. 🙂

    Great job though.

    • wrong! You do NOT have to have the blue card prior to working on any merit badge requirement. The counsellor will judge whether any requirement will specifically suffice. For example. Last summers camp days may be applied towards your camping badge.

  5. Inquiring minds just have to know – has he completed his cooking MB yet? The standards are high and get much tougher on Jan 1 as we all know. It would be great to know the answer here!

  6. Gordon could not sign his blue card. The requirements are specific and none can be changed in any way. He has not cooked for his family or cooked backpacking meals, etc.

  7. You guys are getting way too far down in the weeds about the merit badge! That is an entirely different subject than Logan earning this award for his cooking skills. My son is a professional chef in Atlanta, trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and was a Life Scout. When he was at culinary school he had to write an autobiography and tell how and why he became interested in culinary. He gave full credit to learning how to cook and having fun with it in Boy Scouts. He did actually earn the cooking merit badge, but more importantly he learned a life-long skill and was inspired to seek a career in culinary. His dad (former Scoutmaster) and I are very proud of him, and I know Logan’s parents are proud too!

  8. Logan comes from a long line of boy scouts. His great grandfather was a scoutmaster, and was the caretaker at Brick Church Cemetery where Daniel Beard is buried. He used to take his troop to care for DB’s grave when Logans great uncle was earning his life scout award. Logan also has two cousins in scouting, one who earned his eagle scout award before going off to college. Logans dad is an active scout parent. Our family loves scouting for the values it teaches and the vision and example it provides to boys of what it means to be a man of character. That said, if Logan wants any help with his cooking merit badge, I’m sure there will be lots of people both in our family and in his troop who will be more than happy to help him get it (with accredited yps certified mb councilors) even as they are happy to help any boy in the troop who wants to earn any merit badge!

  9. Given the focus of the story and the importance of Boy Scout involvement, is this the proper time for grandstanding by the regulation police? Get a life.

    Great job Logan!

  10. Congrats Logan! Wow I bet Troop 34 will definitely enjoy their camp out food – more than just hot dogs I’m guessing! 🙂 So proud of you and how you handled yourself. You are a wonderful example of a Boy Scout! Have fun with everything, and know there are so many people that are proud of you as a chef AND as a person!

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