Rumor control: No, Cub Scout uniforms aren’t changing

By now you’ve heard about the big, exciting changes coming to Cub Scouting in 2015. (Read all about them here.)

But one change you may have heard about just isn’t true. In fact, we need your help quashing this rumor wherever it rears its head: roundtables, Scout meetings or online.

There seems to be a rumor out there that all Cub Scouts will begin wearing the tan Boy Scout uniform shirt. I have confirmed today that this is absolutely false.

Tigers through Bears will continue to wear their blue uniform shirt. Webelos Scouts will continue to have the choice of wearing either the blue shirt or the tan uniform shirt with blue shoulder loops. In other words: Nothing’s changing.

As always, is your best bet for online uniform shopping. Or stop into a local Scout Shop, where the staff can get you set up and answer your uniform-related questions. This handy checklist (and $10 off coupon) should get you started.

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