Rumor control: No, Cub Scout uniforms aren’t changing

By now you’ve heard about the big, exciting changes coming to Cub Scouting in 2015. (Read all about them here.)

But one change you may have heard about just isn’t true. In fact, we need your help quashing this rumor wherever it rears its head: roundtables, Scout meetings or online.

There seems to be a rumor out there that all Cub Scouts will begin wearing the tan Boy Scout uniform shirt. I have confirmed today that this is absolutely false.

Tigers through Bears will continue to wear their blue uniform shirt. Webelos Scouts will continue to have the choice of wearing either the blue shirt or the tan uniform shirt with blue shoulder loops. In other words: Nothing’s changing.

As always, is your best bet for online uniform shopping. Or stop into a local Scout Shop, where the staff can get you set up and answer your uniform-related questions. This handy checklist (and $10 off coupon) should get you started.

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  1. Well, obviously. National wouldn’t switch over to a tan shirt for everyone unless everyone had just bought a new blue shirt. 😉

      • Change BACK to ONE hat, necker for ALL Cub Scouts and no change thru ranks, save Webelos. Ah me….. Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Lion, Webelos…..

      • Dear Gary,

        I’m not Tom, but I agree with his sentiment. I think we can eliminate all the doo-dads per Cub rank. I’d have one for the Tiger-Bear and keep the Webelos. It’s a lot of cash for packs or families to shell out solely for a year. An importance of having one for the Webelos is so we can tell whether they are older Cub Scouts or not.

        I seek a strong argument for the various levels having its own neckerchief, hat, etc.

        • I’m would be ok with changing to one hat don’t see a need to have different hats. However, I feel having different neckerchief give the different dens a since of belonging together. Plus its and easy way to know where each boy is in their understanding of the program.

  2. Concerning the Webelos…if it were up to me, the Fourth Grade Webelos would wear the Blue and the Fifth Grade Webelos would wear the tan.

    • Switching from the Blue to the Tan Uniform is a FAMILY option NOT a Den or Pack option. A Den can have boys in BOTH uniforms. As long as a boy fits in the Blue Uniform, he can stay in it.

      • We also added a number of new web ones this year. It doesn’t make sense for them to buy the blue shirt for one year when the existing web ones will switch to tan next year. None of the boys that moved up to web one from bear have gotten the tan uniform yet

      • Why shift from a fully decked out (we hope) blue uni to a blinged out tan uni when you will only have to take off the Cub insignia and replace it with BS insignia in a year or less? Stay with the Blue until you are ready to make the switch to the full fledged tan Boy Scout uni! Buy a shirt that will fit your boy for awhile as he grows, pass it on to your lil’ brother or neighbor Scout, keeping the patches and such for your memory box…..

  3. My son wore his blue shirt all the way through, (Tiger to Webelos II) I was not going to buy him a new shirt until he became a boy Scout… If it still fits, keep them in the blue!!!

    • The rumor can only have originated form the marketing directors of the Pakistani factories that produce the uniforms…

  4. I’d like to see the Cubs go to all Tan and the program go to a more joined program, like Girl Scouts. No need for their to be such a separation between the ages, it would allow for older boys to teach the younger ones sooner.

    • You lost me at “like Girl Scouts” but then as a crew advisor, I hear from many young women who wish GSUSA was more like Boy Scouts. (Although very few of them are referring to the uniform when they talk like that.) 😉

      • Girls are in one program and all meet together. There are activities that younger ones aren’t allowed to do, but the older girls constantly work with the younger ones.

        On the Boys side of the house its seperated; Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Cubs loose so much leadership when boys cross over. Few parents come back to Cubs to volunteer, “IF” they even choose to continue to volunteer. Across the board the older/more experienced leaders are in Boy Scouts cause they don’t want to have to deal with the parents or “whinney” kids in Cub Scouts.

        I know some Packs work with their “parent/brother” Troop. But thats few and some Tropps don’t want to deal with the Packs till its time for Cross Over.

    • Girl Scouts use a different uni for each age group. Program is also age appropriate, so far as I can see. The Older Girls are, in general, NOT encouraged to work with the younger (Cadets hang out with Cadets, etc. ), but in Boy/Cub Scouts, that is the case already. Den Chiefs? Webelos Weekends? Patrol Leaders teaching and passing off on rank requirements? All possible (with SM control?) in Boy Scouts.
      It is up to the Girl Scout Leader, most only deal with their own “Troop”, which is all Daisy , Brownie or Cadet, etc., and RARELY mixed age. Boy Scouts are intended to be mixed. Patrols may be single age (Troop culture) or mixed up, but the multiple Patrol Troop is definitely mixed age.

  5. Phil: You have to get old but you don’t have to grow up 🙂 The English language has correct usage, and does evolve at the same time. I can LOL and also decry the invention of such things as “impactful” (which I read in a memo from our Scout Executive). Acronyms and abbreviations make things go faster, and give us a sense of belonging; we share some “inside” info. So, thanks to you for all you do!

  6. The South Valley scout shop has NEVER passed on this rumor of the blue shirts being discontinued. We did hear the rumor from some of our volunteers and parents, including one district that had announced to all that they should go into tan shirts immediately. We informed the District Executive the rumor was absolutely wrong, and never sold any tan shirts for 8 year olds. When the uniform buyer was here a few months ago, we mentioned that this rumor was going around and again he confirmed that the Blue Shirts are NOT going away!

  7. Will they be changing the Tiger hat and neckerchief? They are changing the patch, so wondering if they will change the uniform components to match?

  8. Seriously folks, I can’t tell you how many kids i’ve talked to who don’t want to be seen in public wearing this ridiculous looking uniform. This is 2017, not 1908! Enough already—for goodness sake, would someone please design a scouting uniform that’s not synonymous with social suicide.

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