The zombies are coming! Themed camporee patches scare up excitement

Zombies are supposed to be ruthless creatures with an insatiable appetite for brains from which there is no escape.

So why does it seem Scouts can’t get enough of them?

Rather than fearing this trend of zombie mania, many districts and councils are embracing it through themed camporees.

These themes offer a fun way to get Scouts excited about camping, so I see no downside. But some Scouters have expressed concern that the themes offer no real link to Scouting.

On our Facebook page, Scouter Cynthia offered a great response, saying that Scouts love themes like “zomboree.”

“We had one here in Tecumseh Council in Ohio,” she writes. “The kids had to work on things like their orienteering to read the maps to stay away from the ‘zombies,’ and the ‘zombies’ had to try to find the humans. They practiced their outdoor skills and had fun doing it.”

And so today, with one week left until Halloween, let’s check out some patches from these zombie-themed camporees.

Most of these are from fall camporees in recent years, but a few are from spring events. After all, zombies don’t take a season off. 

zombie-camporee-1 zombie-camporee-2 zombie-camporee-3 zombie-camporee-4 zombie-camporee-5 zombie-camporee-6 zombie-camporee-7 zombie-camporee-8 zombie-camporee-9 zombie-camporee-10 zombie-camporee-11 zombie-camporee-12 zombie-camporee-13 zombie-camporee-14 zombie-camporee-15

Which is your favorite? Have one you’d like to share? Either embed it below or share a link to where we can see it.


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