The zombies are coming! Themed camporee patches scare up excitement

Zombies are supposed to be ruthless creatures with an insatiable appetite for brains from which there is no escape.

So why does it seem Scouts can’t get enough of them?

Rather than fearing this trend of zombie mania, many districts and councils are embracing it through themed camporees.

These themes offer a fun way to get Scouts excited about camping, so I see no downside. But some Scouters have expressed concern that the themes offer no real link to Scouting.

On our Facebook page, Scouter Cynthia offered a great response, saying that Scouts love themes like “zomboree.”

“We had one here in Tecumseh Council in Ohio,” she writes. “The kids had to work on things like their orienteering to read the maps to stay away from the ‘zombies,’ and the ‘zombies’ had to try to find the humans. They practiced their outdoor skills and had fun doing it.”

And so today, with one week left until Halloween, let’s check out some patches from these zombie-themed camporees.

Most of these are from fall camporees in recent years, but a few are from spring events. After all, zombies don’t take a season off. 

zombie-camporee-1 zombie-camporee-2 zombie-camporee-3 zombie-camporee-4 zombie-camporee-5 zombie-camporee-6 zombie-camporee-7 zombie-camporee-8 zombie-camporee-9 zombie-camporee-10 zombie-camporee-11 zombie-camporee-12 zombie-camporee-13 zombie-camporee-14 zombie-camporee-15

Which is your favorite? Have one you’d like to share? Either embed it below or share a link to where we can see it.



  1. Wish I had our district’s patch handy. We did a Zomboree a few years back and had a whole passel of Scouts earn their e-prep MBs during the “outbreak.” They had a blast. They earned an Eagle badge. Where’s the downside?

    • I’m planning a Zombie e-prep camporee now. Any chance u could share some ideas? Any help would be much appreciated. Cbrinkley at

    • So long as the zombie is a Scout, in which case he is just wearing his uniform. Scouts can be — er, turn into, er, become zombies — whatever, too. Just so they do not alter the uniform — blood and grey matter notwithstanding.

    • I confess to being on the far-removed fringes regarding the whole zombie craze, but do have an opinion about the uniform. As reflected in the post from October, 2009, it’s not a costume. The zombie attraction is obviously a fun source of excitement, and when taken into the woods in conjunction with putting acquired campcraft skills into action, can become an adventure—even a learning experience. But, I think the whole scary, far-out, fantasy thrill should be kept in perspective and therefore separated from the value and meaning of our movement’s uniform. Apart from what can be considered a bazaar fad, Zombies are not real life. Scouting is. Of course a temporary patch worn on the uniform’s right pocket celebrating a fun “zombie” event is just fine! Especially when it happily “floats the kid’s boats.”

    • I wouldn’t even think or worry about this coming across as an issue. We really need to focus on the boys and stop worrying about little technical details. Provide program and if an issue like this comes up deal with it but don’t waste time on these “what if………” questions.

  2. Not much to say but I do not think so will not attend and will not promote no link to scouting at all and I do not see a teachable moment in this type of outing. Next thing they will want to do is shoot them with something and we all know that is not BSA policy.

    • Hey Jim,
      I just want to say. We as an organization HAVE to get in touch with the scouts. We have to. We either appeal to scouts, or in 10 years, we will hardly exist.

      I agree, that Zombies doesn’t seem like a scouting activity, or minecraft, or some of the other things I’ve heard of, but these things aren’t the message that we are bringing to the scouts, it is simply the means by which we are able to bring it.

      The fact remains, that when we put “Minecraft Mayhem” or “Zombie Camporee” on a flier instead of “Webelos Woods” we not only get more attendance in Scouts, but they also bring non-scout friends with.

      • This may be true in the short term ( two years tops) but is that the image you want for scouting let’s change our thinking of attraction to scouting like Kim K. changes shoes or what ever. As far as mine craft that has been done for years in Venturing and has been quite a hit in some venues. People will see right through it and say no thank you. but to each his own will be interesting see what one thinks of next to change the image of scouting

    • “A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.” — Lord Baden-Powell

      The point of creating a program based on adventure and fun is to appeal to boys. Turning the learning of a basic scout skill like orienteering into a game of stay away from the zombies is Scouting 101, it’s a game with a purpose. It’s about the boys, not about maintaining an image.

      • talked to the crew and troop most said the would not attend and it is just a fad and not what they thinks scouting is all about (the fad thing) as far as fishing and the bait one uses the old tried and true bait works ore times than not might need to fish harder but in the long run one ends up with better caliber of fish. From the mouths of youth not much better than that seeing that the troop and crew are youth lead and run.

  3. Our district did a series of events – Be Prepared for Complete Catastrophe. Alien Invasion, Zombie Apocalypse, and Doomsday Survivor, together with a 3 part patch set.

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