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Watch this now: ‘Philmont: A Love Letter’

“No matter where I’ve gone, no matter how far away or how beautiful, I’ve never found another place I can call home like this great, big pile of rocks.”

That’s Tucker Prescott, aspiring filmmaker, waxing poetic about Philmont Scout Ranch.

The title of his four-minute film, “Philmont: A Love Letter,” speaks for itself. Tucker, a Philmont Ranger, offers a stunning glimpse into why many call Philmont “God’s country.”

This isn’t Tucker’s first foray into capturing Philmont with his video camera. Last year I posted his impressive film “Philmont: A Ranger’s Summer.” With “Philmont: A Love Letter,” I think Tucker has outdone himself yet again.

Watch this:

Hat tip: Thanks to David Berry for the blog post idea. And to Tucker for sharing his magical video.