High-Adventure Week: Grab one of the remaining 2015 spots at Northern Tier

HAW-MondayDaydreaming about a trip to Northern Tier next year? Operators are standing by.

Phone lines are open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. (CDT) today for anyone hoping to claim one of the remaining 2015 spots at the BSA’s top canoeing destination. Call 218-365-4811 to lock in your spot.

Northern Tier, the first of four national high-adventure bases I’m covering this week, is actually made up of three bases — one in Minnesota and two in Canada. It offers treks across 6 million acres of canoe-country wilderness.

Limited spaces remain for winter and summer 2015 programs at Northern Tier.

Here are the facts: 

What’s the National Call-In Day?

Northern Tier has designated today — Oct. 13, 2014 — its National Call-In Day for remaining 2015 spots.

Units have been able to register for 2015 treks since January, and registration doesn’t close at the end of the day today.

But Northern Tier is using today’s National Call-In Day event as a final push toward the finish line. Its 2015 spots become more and more scarce every day, so procrastinate at your own risk.

To sign up now, call 218-365-4811.

Can’t get a crew together?

That’s fine. If you or a Scout/Venturer you know can’t get a full crew together, Northern Tier offers individual programs, including some training opportunities.

Learn more at this link.

What about 2016?

Already booked somewhere for 2015? Northern Tier’s lottery for 2016 spaces will be held on Jan. 6, 2015.

If you want to sign up for alerts, you can do so here.

Read a Scoutmaster’s letter about the value of Northern Tier

Bill Berklich, a Scout leader who took a Northern Tier adventure earlier this summer, wrote this letter thanking the staff.

This is probably my favorite line:

While I’m sure we could have found something cheaper, I strongly doubt we could have found something better. I believe the value in the program is because it’s designed specifically for Scouts. The Northern Tier Interpreters are focused on teaching Scouts canoecraft, woodcraft and leadership skills which is not something available from the other outfitters.

Promo video

Find this and other promo materials for Northern Tier here.

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