Cub Scout forgives thief who stole his popcorn money

Leave it to a 10-year-old Cub Scout to commit the ultimate act of kindness.

Edward D’Angelo, a Webelos Scout from Everett, Mass., was selling popcorn outside a Stop & Shop last month when a heroin-addicted thief stole his cash box containing $261.

Edward and his mom ran after the thief but couldn’t catch him. The man, a 28-year-old Rhode Island resident, later turned himself in — but only after he had spent all the money.

Next, as the Boston Herald reports, the story takes a positive turn.

Edward said he doesn’t hold any grudges against the thief. In a wise-beyond-his-years statement to the Herald, the fifth-grader said he hopes the man gets help to “try not to take drugs and try and not steal.”

“I feel bad for him,” Edward continued. “I don’t think someone would do something that low, but I guess he was on drugs, so that’s kind of the reason he would do something that low.”

Even after a scary moment that Edward said frightened and upset him, his spirit of kindness and forgiveness didn’t falter. I’m impressed.

As for the stolen money, community members and the Stop & Shop made donations to make up for the loss. And Edward, his mom and other members of their troop will be back at the Stop & Shop later this month to sell more popcorn.

Watch the Boston Herald‘s report

Photo from Boston Herald. Thanks to the BSA’s Bob Myers for the story idea.

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