Save the animals, win an awesome prize (deadline Sept. 14)

Update, Aug. 15: The deadline has been extended to noon (CDT) on Sunday, Sept. 14.

nat-geo-patchComplete an animal-rescue project either as an individual or with your Scout unit, and you’ll get more than the warm fuzzies from doing a good turn.

You’ll also be entered to win awesome prizes like a visit from a National Geographic Explorer or an expenses-paid trip to the Explorers Symposium in Washington, D.C.

But don’t dillydally. The National Geographic Mission: Animal Rescue Contest ends Sept. 14, 2014 Aug. 15, 2014.

There are three ways to enter, including one for Scouts who are under 9 years old or don’t have the time to complete a rescue project of their own.

The first 1,000 entrants in any category will receive a patch that looks like the image above.

Here are the details:

Three entry types

  1. Limited-edition patch only: Scouts under 9 or any Scout who doesn’t have time to complete a project of his own can enter to receive the limited-edition patch.
  2. Limited-edition patch and trip to Explorers Symposium: Scouts 9 or older can submit their individual animal-rescue project and be entered to win a trip to the Explorers Symposium in Washington, D.C.
  3. Limited-edition patch for everyone in unit and visit from National Geographic Explorer: Adult leaders submit their unit’s animal-rescue project and are entered to win a visit from a National Geographic Explorer.

To clarify: Scouts can enter individual projects, or they may complete the project as a unit, where the adult leader submits the actual project on the entry page.

Project ideas

Here are some examples, though this list isn’t exhaustive. Be creative!

  • UNDERSTANDING: Map where endangered animals live and what they need to survive.
  • SHARING: Interview an animal expert in your community, make your own video and share it.
  • FUNDRAISING: Find a company that uses an endangered animal in its logo and ask them to make a charitable donation at this site.
  • VOLUNTEERING: Visit a local rescue organization and work for a day or weekend.

Rules and how to enter

Visit this page for tons more details, and when it’s time to enter, be sure to click the appropriate link! Good luck.

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