The most interesting or novel Eagle project ideas

Tuesday-TalkbackPerhaps it forced you to smile with curiosity while sitting on an Eagle Scout board of review. Maybe it inspired you to clip the story out of your local newspaper. Or, most likely, the Eagle project in question was completed by you, your son or a Scout in your troop.

Wherever you first learned of the interesting, novel or unusual Eagle Scout project idea, we want to hear it.

Today’s Tuesday Talkback is pretty simple: Share some unique Eagle Scout project ideas in the comments section below.

I’ll start: Jacob Martin of Ocean View, Del., installed six life rings at the Indian River Inlet Bridge. As the Summer 2014 edition of Eagles’ Call magazine explains, the story doesn’t end there. Less than a year after installing the life rings, they were put to good use. Jacob’s project saved the life of 25-year-old Rashid Gafurov. That’s Jacob (left) and Rashid pictured above.

Pretty great story.

Of course, this discussion isn’t meant to denigrate less-unique Eagle projects. Projects don’t have to be original to make an impact. But they could be.

So let’s hear ’em!

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H/T: Thanks to commenter Dave B, whose comment last week inspired this post.

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