Gizmodo writer: Boy Scouts made me the man I am today

It’s one thing when I tell you how becoming an Eagle Scout changed my life. After all, I work for the Boy Scouts of America.

It’s another thing when a writer for one of the top tech blogs says it.

That happened last week when Eagle Scout Wes Siler published a piece for Gizmodo’s Indefinitely Wild blog called “Boy Scouts Made Me The Man I Am Today, Here’s How.”

Gizmodo, for the few who don’t know, is a technology blog that ranks No. 168 of all websites in the U.S. for traffic. That puts it above the websites for People magazine, NPR and Macy’s (plus about a gazillion others).

Siler, turned sideways in the front row of the photo above, writes that the Boy Scouts helped shape his life in ways still evident today.

“At 33 years old,” Siler writes, “I still put ‘Eagle Scout’ on my résumé and keep my membership card in that organization behind my driver’s license. It’s gotten me into jobs, out of trouble and immediately marks me out to other members as a peer that can be relied upon.”

Siler goes into detail about nine ways Scouting shaped him. You’ll want to read what he says about each:

  1. Boy Scouts Taught Me To Shoot
  2. Boy Scouts Gave Me Confidence
  3. Boy Scouts Gave Me The Ability To Save Lives
  4. Boy Scouts Gave Me The Outdoors
  5. Scouts Taught Me To Survive
  6. Scouts Made Me A Leader
  7. Scouts Are The Best Secret Society
  8. Scouts Made Me A Worker
  9. Scouts Made Me Value Difficulty

Read the full blog post over on Gizmodo.

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This isn’t the first time Gizmodo has been pro-Scouting. Last year they wrote that the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s Sustainability Treehouse “looks just like an Ewok village.”

That’s high praise.

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