9 things that’ll be different for staffers at Jambo 2017

Better transportation, more time off, a staff village and maybe, just maybe, warmer showers.

That’s just some of what’s in store for volunteers at the 2017 National Jamboree. They’re in for an even better experience than staffers had last summer.

And if you’ve talked to anyone who staffed in 2013, you know that’s high praise. I know I had an incredible time (and actually didn’t mind the ambient-temperature water).

But the volunteers and professionals planning the 2017 version of the BSA’s signature gathering have no time for basking in the glow of 2013. They’re looking for commitments from volunteers wanting to share in the fun in 2017.

And they’re promising an even better experience than staffers had last summer. That means better communication, lodging and laundry service. And yes, assuming it can be done in a sustainable way, warm showers are looking possible. Learn how to sign up today right here.

Because everyone loves a good list, here are nine ways the 2017 jamboree staffing experience will be better than it was in 2013. These are straight from the Summit’s newly redesigned website.

  1. Transportation: Staff transportation will be enhanced. Assuming a reasonable level of fitness, no staff member will be required to walk longer than 30 minutes between their place of lodging and their assigned work station.
  2. Time off: Sufficient staff will be recruited and schedules developed to ensure staff members receive at least the equivalent of one full day off during the Jamboree. Staff work hours will allow them an opportunity to visit and enjoy other areas of the Jamboree outside their assigned work area. Provisions will be made for those desiring to explore the local area surrounding the Jamboree during their day off.
  3. Communications: A robust communications strategy will be developed and executed to keep staff members informed from the date they register as a staff member through the last day of the Jamboree.
  4. Lunch: We will make modifications to enhance the number and variety of lunch choices consistent with the requirement to maintain a “shelf stable” lunch menu given the demands of our site. We will provide supplemental items for our staff members in more active program areas to ensure an appropriate level of caloric content for their anticipated level of activity.
  5. Lodging: While capacity constraints of The Summit prevent the offering of 2-person tent accommodations, staff members will be provided the opportunity to pre-select their tent-mates up to one month prior to the Jamboree.
  6. Staff Village: The staff village(s) will be designed to provide for an area in which staff members can relax, recreate and refresh themselves in the company of other staff members. Retail food/beverage stands will be incorporated in this design as well as an area for athletic competition.
  7. Showers: We will explore options to create some increase in water temperature; however, any solution will have to be consistent with our sustainability focus of conserving water and energy.
  8. Laundry service: Laundry service will continue to be available for staff members desiring it.
  9. Staff photos: Official staff photos of individual teams will be taken and staff members will have the opportunity to purchase photos of their choosing.

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