The Guide to Safe Scouting you know, only more portable

GTSS-BookGlove compartment, daypack, purse or troop trailer: It’s easy to find a place to store the new, more-compact Guide to Safe Scouting.

The Guide, which includes policies and guidelines established to help keep you and your Scouts safe, is now available in a form that’s smaller and more durable.

Grab one to ensure you’re never left without the answer to a safety-related question no matter where Scouting takes you.

The online version is still available for free and will continue to be updated quarterly. Find it here. I know of several Scouters who like to download that PDF version to their smartphone or tablet, making the document easily searchable by keyword.

But others I talk to prefer a hard copy, which is where the new, smaller, spiral-bound version really shines. It’s available soon for the same fair price of the previous version: $6. Find it at your local Scout Shops and at

What else is new inside? Phillip Moore, BSA risk management administrator, shared these changes with me:

Other changes

  • Each chapter on the new version is delineated with black edges on the pages for easier navigation.
  • The “Age Appropriate Guidelines” page has moved to the back and retains its distinctive wheat color.
  • Two new checklists have been added to the appendix: the Campout Safety Checklist and the Event Safety Checklist.

Old version


New version



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