How do you get more dads involved in Cub Scouting?

Tuesday-TalkbackMoms do Cub Scouting, and dads do Boy Scouting.

For the longest time, that was mostly true. Just look at the now-defunct position of Den Mother (there was no “Den Father”) for proof.

Fortunately, times have changed.

At roundtables and camporees these days, you’ll see dads wearing blue epaulets and moms wearing green ones. And that’s a good thing.

But there are still some dads out there, many of them Eagle Scouts, who prefer to wait until their son crosses over into Boy Scouting before getting involved.

“I was one of those Eagle Scouts,” former Scoutmaster M.K. says. “I was waiting for my sons to enter Boy Scouting so we could do the ‘real’ stuff. But my smarter-than-me wife reminded me that if my boys did not enjoy Cub Scouting, they probably would not become Boy Scouts. … I became a den leader, Webelos leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster and father of two Eagle Scouts”

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, let’s figure out how to find more men like M.K. We already know there are countless examples of outstanding women in Scouting; you’ll find them in every pack, troop and crew in the country.

But today I want your ideas on how to get more dads involved earlier in the program.

Share your thoughts below. For inspiration, read this 2012 Scouting magazine piece called “How to get Eagle Scout dads to help Cubs” that shares tips including M.K.’s idea I pasted above.

Photo from Flickr:  Some rights reserved by Jim Larrison

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