Coming soon: Scouting Around, a new TV show from Boys’ Life magazine

All this and more, televised for your viewing pleasure.

Call it real reality TV.

Take all the excitement and education found in Boys’ Life magazine and transport it to your television.

That’s the clever concept behind Scouting Around, the new show from the century-old mainstay in the life of boys and the Boy Scouts of America.

According to yesterday’s news release, the show “will focus on widely popular, fun and informational subjects covered in Boys’ Life, appealing to relevant interests of both male and female teenagers.”

Michael Goldman, editorial director of the BSA’s three magazines (Boys’ Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call) made the point that, “Bringing Boys’ Life into the homes of a new television audience helps us expand the reach of Scouting’s fun and values. After all, today’s readers — and viewers — are tomorrow’s leaders.”

Imagine non-Scouts flipping on their TV and seeing what all Scouts and Venturers experience and learn in Scouting. They’ll sign up right away — well, right after the closing credits roll.

And current Scouts and Venturers will steal the remote to watch episodes that’ll cover a wide range of general interests and hobbies, including new tech, gaming, cooking, survival techniques in the wild, and relationship advice.

As I type this the show’s producers, Big Monster Entertainment, are shopping the show around to major TV networks. Speaking of, any Eagle Scouts or fans of Boys’ Life out there who own a cable or broadcast channel? If so, drop me a line ASAP.

Big Monster is the same team behind Scouting for Adventure, the Boys’ Life series that just finished a successful, five-season run on the Outdoor Channel. (DVDs available here.)

Consider this the first of several updates about Scouting Around. I’ll share details about when it will air — and on which channel — as soon as I hear.

In the meantime, we wait. And just like that agonizing month between finishing one Boys’ Life issue and checking the mailbox for the next, the waiting’s the hardest part.

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