You’ll want to pull over to check out these Eagle Scout billboards

Eagle-Billboard-1Finally, a reason for rubbernecking you can feel good about.

Drivers in Kansas City this year have seen a series of Boy Scout billboards that rise far above those for gas stations, hotels or concerts.

The billboards target new Scouts and their parents by sharing facts about Eagle Scouts, such as they’re “76 percent more likely to be community leaders” and “twice as likely to graduate from college.”

The artwork shows Scouts doing what they do — having a great time outside.

Kansas City’s Heart of America Council received the creative work for the billboards for free, and a local billboard company gave them a great deal on placement of the billboards throughout the city for 12 months. Six billboard designs showed up in 23 different locations, including a mix of traditional vinyl billboards and newer digital ones.

How has the community reacted?

“We have gotten a great response from the billboards, and it certainly helps keep the good work of Scouting out in the public at a time when we can use all the positive publicity we can get,” says Heart of America Scout Executive Kenn Miller.

Which billboard design is your favorite? See them all after the jump.

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