Money for Eagle projects: Lowe’s grant program back for 2013-2014

Eagle Scout projects make a visible difference in the community, but they aren’t cheap to complete.

So that’s why Lowe’s, the home-improvement giant with more than 1,700 stores, has teamed up with the BSA and local Scout councils to give selected Eagle Scout candidates $100 grants for their projects.

The grant program debuted in 2012 to great success. Last year, more than 3,000 Life Scouts received $100 each toward their Eagle projects. That’s a generous gift of $300,000 from the Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Well, there’s good news for future Eagles and their parents. The BSA announced this week that the grant program will continue beginning this month. And it’s grown, as well. This time, Lowe’s is offering 3,600 grants to deserving Eagle projects.

In 2012, councils received and distributed the cards. This time, however, things will run a little differently.

For 2013-2014, $100 Discover gift card grants will be mailed directly to Eagle Scout candidates instead of to councils.

Local councils select the Scouts to receive the cards, and then, through a council-designated volunteer, follow up to see that participating Scouts submit their required reports.

Local councils will not receive the cards and will have no responsibility to record or distribute them. Each council may reserve as many as 25 gift cards by sending a message to, notifying the BSA National Advancement Team of the council’s intent to participate.

This notification of participation must include the council name, Scout executive’s or staff designee’s name, the name and email address of one council-designated follow-up volunteer, and the number of Scout-recipients the council is confident can be identified.

Upon receipt of a notification of participation that includes all of the information mentioned above, the Advancement Team will send a link to the council’s designated follow-up volunteer that will allow electronic submission of the names and addresses of the Scouts who are to receive the gift cards.

As the Scout-recipients are submitted the advancement team will send the gift cards directly to the Scouts.

To learn more and make sure your council takes Lowe’s up on this incredible offer, please visit the new Lowe’s project website at

If after your visit to the site, you need more information, email


  1. My sons use this program last year while working on their projects and it was a very painless process and was very helpful. Thanks Lowes and thanks for Bryan for passing this very useful information on to us! 🙂

      • Thank you Bryan! I am very proud of them. They have already accomplished something that I did not manage to do. I have 2 more sons that I am hoping will follow in their big brothers’ footstep…and I am going to do everything I can to make sure they do. 🙂

        • That’s great. I’d say you made up for the fact you didn’t earn it by doing so much to help your sons achieve great heights!

    • The service project required to obtain Eagle Scout rank can require fund raising for materials. If Girl Scouts have an equivalent to this service project you should inquire with Lowe’s (and Home Depot) about a grant. This blog just sets out the BSA process for grants. There are many other contributions made by Lowe’s. You’re in the wrong forum to whine about this.

  2. A simple complain to the Girl Scouts. This is a BSA site and a separate organization. Hey. I know. Call planned parenthood. They throw money toward the GS.

  3. My son used the Lowes Grant for his Eagle Scout Project for shelves for a food pantry. THANKS SO MUCH LOWES FOR HELPING MY SON!!!MY SON NAME IS KYLE!! EAGLE SCOUT 2013!!!

  4. I would prefer that the girl scouts have the same requirements as the boy scouts. As a former girl scout for two meetings, I could not stand the pajama party or the makeup party. That’s not why I joined the girl scouts! I tried to join the boy scouts but they would not let me so I joined an explorer group. I’m 45 yrs old now and my daughter will join the girl scouts soon. I can assure you that I will make changes to make them more equivalent to the boy scouts if that hasn’t happened already. I am proud though that the girl scouts supports planned parenthood and supports all religions not just a belief in a god.

  5. Alright, so to answer the things about Girl Scouts, you can get a grant for ANY charitable project through the program. It’s simply that Boy Scouts most commonly use this program because, surprise, surprise, Eagle Scout projects are expensive.

    Basically, you can get the grant for funding an Eagle Scout project if Lowe’s deems your project fits the bill for benefiting the community, which it should because an Eagle Scout project HAS to benefit the community in order to be an actual Eagle Scout project. But at the same time, I could gather a group of people and say that a retirement home needs garden boxes built out front. While this might have nothing to do with Boy Scouts, if it fits the requirements for the grant, Lowe’s will help fund it.

    TL;DR The foundation grant is for almost any charitable project, Boy Scout or not.

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