How fast are the cellular data and Wi-Fi speeds at the Summit?

Updated, July 11 | Added Sprint; Added Wi-Fi test in Echo camp 

Everything’s bigger and better at the 2013 jamboree, even the Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Early reports from staff members on the ground indicate impressive Wi-Fi data speeds for all, and impressive cellular data speeds for AT&T and Verizon customers. This goes a long way toward legitimizing all that talk about this being the most-connected jamboree ever.

But how fast is fast? Here’s the early scoop: 

Speed for Wi-Fi networks, which can be accessed by smartphones on any carrier, laptops, tablets, and other connected devices, range from 8-20 Mbps for downloads and 7-25 Mbps for uploads. Nice.

A staffer with AT&T reported excellent 4G LTE speeds, averaging around 20 Mbps down/5-7 Mbps up. A Verizon user had similarly solid 4G LTE speeds, around 20 Mbps down/3.5 Mbps up.

Sprint, apparently, doesn’t have cell towers in close range. Two separate Sprint users have reported getting just one bar of service at the site, with cellular data speeds around 0.10 Mbps down/0.02 Mbps up.

My sources are still asking around for empirical data from staff members on other carriers, such as T-Mobile. I’ll update this post if and when I hear from those folks. (If you’re already onsite, run a data test and send me a screenshot. Be sure to include where you were standing at the time.)

See screenshots from AT&T and Verizon staffers below, but keep in mind these are just anecdotal reports taken this morning from two individuals standing near the Summit Stadium (the area known as the arena at past jamborees).

That’s an admittedly small sample size. Your experience will vary based on your physical location, your phone’s capabilities, and load levels — aka the number of Scouts and Venturers simultaneously trying to tweet out a picture of themselves soaring down the zip line.

But it’s nice to know the data pipeline is wide and vast as we prepare to formally open the 2013 National Jamboree in just a few days.

Wi-Fi test, standing near Stadium:


AT&T 4G LTE test, standing near Stadium:


Verizon 4G LTE test, standing near Stadium:


Wi-Fi test, standing in Echo camp:


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