Technology in Scouting: A blessing or a curse?

scoutcast-logo1In this corner, we have modern-day Scouting, where technology enhances the delivery of the program in ways never thought possible.

In the other corner, it’s traditional Scouting, that rare respite from a young person’s screen-based life one weekend each month.

Can’t we all just get along?

That’s the thinking I espouse in the latest episode of ScoutCast, the BSA’s monthly podcast. Yes, you read right; I’m honored to say the guest this month is yours truly.

In the 13-minute podcast, I tell the hosts some ways in which technology can be both a blessing and a curse for your pack, troop, or crew. By sharing personal anecdotes, ideas from blog readers, and some useful online tools, I add my thoughts to the important discussion about how your unit can walk the line between technological over-reliance and under-reliance.

This ScoutCast is a continuation of a discussion started last year on my blog. Read some other troops’ electronics policies, but remember that no one size fits all and that your troop’s youth leaders should set the policy themselves. Otherwise, good luck enforcing it!

Cubcast: How to engage parents

cubcast-logoIt’s the summer and, hopefully, you’re out and about doing fun activities with your Cub Scouts, but have you found yourself wondering, “Gee, how can I get the parents more involved?”

The CubCast team thought you might, so Linda Case, committee chair for Pack 459 in Whitehouse, Tenn., explores opportunities to engage parents in the Cub Scout program in the July 2013 episode.

Photo from Flickr:  Some rights reserved by stepol

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