At the 2013 jamboree, even the food boxes look cool

jamboree-box-3By now you’ve heard all about the “big things” you’ll see at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree: the zip lines, the skate parks, the canopy tours, the shooting sports, the climbing walls, and on and on.

Today, check out one example of a “little thing”: the official jamboree food boxes. They’re proof that with this jamboree, no detail has been overlooked.

These impressively designed boxes are what Scouts will use for carrying food back to their campsites each day. Remember those bulky plastic bins from past jamborees? Those are history.

Taking their place are these cardboard boxes, which will be collected at the end of the jamboree for use in the construction of a surprise recycling project.

Follow the jump for an additional image that lets you study all sides of the boxes and see that there’s more than first meets the eye… 


Did you spot the Summit Grace on the side of the box?

It makes sense to put this new prayer on food boxes where it will be in clear view of Scouts and Venturers at mealtime.

The Summit Grace reads:

For this time and this place
For Your goodness and grace
For each friend we embrace
We thank Thee, O Lord.

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