He was one merit badge from earning Eagle when …

eagle-washWith the finish line tantalizingly close, you’ll never guess what slowed down John L. on his trail to Eagle.

John, a Life Scout from Texas, had finished his position of responsibility requirements and completed his Eagle Scout project. He had signatures from his counselor and Scoutmaster on the blue card for his final required merit badge.

But enter the washing machine, an enemy of any teenage boy. You see, John’s blue card was in the pocket of his pants, and this photo from his Scoutmaster shows what was left after the spin cycle.

Of course, John’s Scoutmaster, Bob Olafson, shouldn’t have any trouble getting a new blue card with the proper signatures. But Bob couldn’t help but share this fun, tragic anecdote with his fellow Scouters.

Top photo from Flickr:  Some rights reserved by Drregor

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