Shameless plug: Join me at Wood Badge this summer at Philmont

Wood Badge + Philmont = Happy Land

I interrupt my regular blog programming for this important Wood Badge Wednesdays announcement…

I’m staffing Wood Badge this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch, and there’s a spot on our course for you and your Scouting friends.

The course, officially called S2-571-13-3 but known here as Wood Badge 106, is held August 19 to 24 at Philmont. It’s hosted by Circle Ten Council but is open to Scouters from any council in the country.

When I took Wood Badge as a participant last summer, I had no idea the level of planning that the staffers underwent to make our week so life-changing. But now that I’m on staff and have attended two all-day staff-development sessions and a few evening meetings with my fellow troop guides, I’m seeing first-hand just how much work goes into a typical course. 

We essentially go through the entire course as a staff — we play the games, we practice the presentations, and we pore over every minute of the schedule — all to ensure we’re ready to make this the best Wood Badge course ever.

But that’s the thing about Wood Badge: every course is the best Wood Badge course ever. Now, of course I’m partial to Wood Badge 106, especially considering the men and women on staff with me are some of the highest-quality Scouters I’ve ever met. But wherever and whenever you take Wood Badge, the course is designed to bring you closer to the Scouting movement and give you the tools and inspiration you need to make your unit the best Scouting unit ever.

In other words, Wood Badge anytime, anywhere is great. Wood Badge at the gorgeous Philmont Training Center? Let’s call it great, with a little cherry on top.

So I hope to see you out at Philmont this summer for Wood Badge 106. You can sign up and learn more at our official site. If you have questions about the course, please leave a comment below and I’ll respond.

But if you can’t make it to Philmont in August, don’t let that stop you from signing up for a course closer to home. You’re in for the best week ever — guaranteed.

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