Snakes, ropes, and a race: It’s adults vs. Scouts in Round 4 of ‘Are You Tougher?

We’ve seen nine Scouts-vs.-adults challenges this season on Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, and the adults have lost all but two of them.

You could say it’s been one lashing after another.

But in Monday’s new episode, we’re in for a different kind of lashing — the diagonal, square, and round kind familiar to any Scout who’s earned Pioneering merit badge.

The Scouts should know the ropes, but how much will adults know about joining two poles together? Let’s find out together in the new episode, airing at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central on Monday on the National Geographic Channel.

We’ll see a fresh group of adults go toe-to-toe against three of the best-and-brightest Boy Scouts around. And, as the promo photo above indicates, we’ll see snakes. (Why did it have to be snakes?)

For the adults, we’ll meet Bill, who hopes to make his Scoutmaster dad proud; Paul, who is competing in memory of his grandfather, a former Scout; and Marc, a probation officer with no Scout experience.

The episode promises some start-to-finish action that will test the wits, endurance — and, yes, patience — of the Scouts and adults. After the Pioneering challenge, there’s a shooting competition followed by the final test: a one-on-one orienteering race where Scout Michael, who has impressed so far, runs into some trouble that could mean a rare loss for Team Scout.

I’ll be watching, Monday at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central, and will post my complete recap after the show. (Speaking of, read my recaps of Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3.) 

Let’s see who’s really Tougher and who gets, uh, lashed.

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