How to work with Scouts who have ADD/ADHD

scoutcast-logo1If your troop has 25 boys, odds are three of them have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a CDC report.

Yes, 12 percent of boys ages 3 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD, and that doesn’t count those who may have the condition but haven’t been formally diagnosed.

That presents a unique challenge to you as a trusted leader, and it makes the March 2013 episode of ScoutCast a must-listen. You’ll learn what ADD/ADHD is, how you know if a boy has it, and how you as a leader can work with Scouts in your troop who have it.

Our ScoutCast hosts are joined by Tony Mei, a 40-year Scout volunteer with the Marin Council in San Rafael, Calif. He’s been working with Scouts with disabilities for almost 15 of those 40 years and has developed training for College of Commissioner Science classes for Scouting with special needs and disabilities, including ADHD and autism spectrum.

Hear the episode here or download it for offline listening.

Cub leaders, there’s a podcast for you too… 

Cub leaders: No time for training?

cubcast-logoYou’ve got a group of 8-year-olds coming to your house on Thursday; now what?

You’ve already heard that training is the secret to a successful den or pack meeting, but you probably think you have no time for training or that the training will be boring.

Have no fear because Mark Griffin, the team leader for volunteer development at the National Council in Irving, Texas, is here. In the March Cubcast, he dispels those myths and explains the importance of Cub Scouters getting trained.

Listen to or download the CubCast at this link.

Where’s the iTunes version?

Each month, I’m asked about an iTunes version of ScoutCast and CubCast. Here’s what the team tells me:

“We are currently experiencing difficulties with our RSS feeding iTunes in order to facilitate the delivery of both CubCast and ScoutCast.

“This is due to the change in content delivery to move away from a Flash-based object and to a format that is compliant with most, if not all, desktop and mobile devices.

“Our technicians are currently working on identifying and rectifying the issue so that we can deliver this content to you in the most efficient and user-friendly manner.”

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