Charlotte troop’s ties to submarine run deep

A thank-you letter from the ship's commanding officer. (Click to enlarge)
A thank-you letter from the ship’s commanding officer. (Click to enlarge)

For sailors aboard the USS Charlotte patrolling hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, home can feel light years away.

But thanks to an ongoing relationship with a Boy Scout troop based in the submarine’s namesake city, crew members get a little taste of life back on the land.

Troop 1, based in Charlotte, N.C., began its relationship with the Los Angeles-class submarine in 2005 when Scouts visited the ship. Representing the City of Charlotte and the BSA’s Mecklenburg County Council, Troop 1 Scouts and Scouters presented the commander and crew with two framed prints of the city taken by a professional photographer and former assistant scoutmaster.

Several years later, Troop 1 wanted to present updated skyline photos for the updated boat to serve as a thank you from Troop 1 and the citizens of Charlotte for the crew’s service to our country.

And so last year, the Scouts presented the crew with new photos of the city skyline, including one signed by Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera.

The ties don’t end there. 

The relationship with the USS Charlotte has given Scouts on the path to Eagle the chance to practice writing and communication skills. Several Scouts have corresponded with the USS Charlotte’s executive officer as part of Communications merit badge requirements.

Another Scout built an exact model replica of the USS Charlotte, which is displayed in the Scout meeting room.

Speaking of models, Troop 1’s eight-year relationship with the submarine serves as a model for other Scout units looking to recognize our servicemen and servicewomen while also providing advancement opportunities for Scouts. Great job, guys.

What do you think?

How does your pack, troop, team, or crew recognize the military in your area? Share some success stories in the comments below.

More Photos

Troop 1’s leaders sent me tons of great photos. Here are a few more:

charlotte-tour-1 charlotte-tour-2 charlotte-tour-3 charlotte-tour-4


Photos by Roger Ball

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