Radio-active JOTA participation reaches new heights

JOTA, I hear you loud and clear.

More than 18,000 American Scouts participated in the 2012 edition of the Jamboree on the Air last month. That’s a whopping 482 percent leap over last year’s participant total.

So let me extend a big Bravo Zulu (that’s “well done” in radio speak) to the 136 Scout councils, 41 states, and 18,537 Scouts who expanded their minds through long-distance radio communication. And even more kudos to Jim Wilson (K5ND) and the eight-member National Radio Scouting Committee.

Scouts from the U.S. contacted other participants in all 50 states and in 66 different countries. Max Siles, a New Jersey unit commissioner, was impressed. 

“I do not think I can precisely express in words the wonderful experience for all involved,” he told the committee. “[Scouts] learned about geography, physics, math, languages, world citizenship, science, friendship, teamwork and so many other skills that most kids their age are never able to experience. These kids’ minds have been stamped forever with the experience of communicating with other human beings around the corner and across the world.”

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