Your uniform questions, all sewn up

White boxes show you where the patch belongs. Drag it there, and it gets magically “sewn” onto the uniform.

Finally, an easy way to answer the question, “What do I wear?”

A new, easy-to-use uniform Web site targeted at new Scout families just debuted, courtesy of the folks in Program Impact and the Supply Group.

Click on the appropriate Scouting program — Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Leaders, and Dress Uniforms (professionals). From there, you’re presented with a list of required and awarded patches that you can drag and drop to where they belong on the uniform. It’s simple and fun.

Give it a try, and be sure to bookmark to send to the new parents in your pack, troop, team, or crew. And to buy actual uniform components, they’ll want to visit or their local Scout Shop.

What you’re seeing now is Phase 1, which gives you an idea of what’s possible with this useful tool. The next step is to include everything found in the Guide to Awards and Insignia. It’s a working project that will get better over time.

Now if only they can find a way to sew the patches on for you, as well!

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