The longest pinewood derby track in the world

The track stretched 335 feet, 6 inches. That’s 111 yards, for you football fans out there.

If most pinewood derbies are sprints, consider this one the Boston Marathon.

On Oct. 7, 2012, the Boston Minuteman Council broke the Guinness World Record for the longest pinewood derby track with one stretching 320 feet. That beat the previous record by more than 50 feet.

Just how long was the track? Imagine you’re standing on the goal line of a football field. The track would stretch just past the back of the end zone on the other side.

Or consider this comparison: Most tracks, including the one I raced on as a Cub Scout, are 30 to 40 feet long, making this one roughly 10 times longer.

The design was inspired by the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

And they did it in style. The track, which started at a height of 15 feet, was modeled after Boston’s Zakim Bridge (seen at right), the world’s widest cable-stayed bridge.

The record-breaking attempt was part of the council’s SOAR (Scouting’s Outdoor Adventure on the River) event. Just from browsing the event’s Web site, it looked like a blast.

Congrats to all involved in this exciting accomplishment!


  1. I was a volunteer at SOAR 2012. I was too busy running an area to see the person from Guinness confirm the record, but I was happy to see the longest Pinewood Derby track in person! Proud of the BSA and Boston Minuteman Council for providing this awesome camporee. Stay tuned, SOAR is coming again in 2014! 🙂

  2. Our son joined Cub Scout Pack 175 at Hanscom AFB in 1982. Then it was just the Minuteman Council. Lots of engineers in the area. One pack constructed an electronic scoring track and used it to raise funds for the pack. Popcorn sales hadn’t started yet back then.

  3. I got to watch part of the onsite assembly. Took 2 days to put it together and 1 day to take down! The very first car down the track was the first car! No practice car for this track! If you go to, you can see a newscast from wcvb news showing cars racing on it. Even cooler? every car that went down got a sticker saying it had raced down the track. Thanks to Troop 6 Quincy, and local unions, and construction companies for the build, and Gentle Giants for the stairs!

  4. A group in Akron attempted to coordinate a similar event about a year ago with the Great American Soap Box Derby organization. The plan was to hold it at Derby Downs in Akron, OH. We were almost there except for obtaining about 1000′ of track. The folks who make the extruded aluminum track just don’t make that much.

    Congrats to the folks in Beantown.

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