Test yourself with a ‘Jeopardy!’ category about Boy Scout knots

No, not this kind of Boy Scout tie.

Despite some of the misperceptions out there, today’s Scouts do so much more than tying knots.

But don’t get me wrong: If you need someone to fashion a bowline, finding a Boy Scout is still your best option.

The BSA’s century-old, um, ties to the world of knots became its own Jeopardy! category in yesterday’s episode.

It’s actually the third time (that I know of) that the BSA has been featured on the classic show of answers and questions in the past two years.

Both of the previous appearances were in 2010, the BSA’s anniversary year. Read those recaps and test yourself here and here.

Here are the answers from yesterday’s category, “Boy Scout Ties.” See how many you know, and then find the questions at the end of this post.

Can you get all five?






Scroll to find the correct questions below!

Correct questions:

  • $200 – What is “A Good Turn”?
  • $400 – What is a tent?
  • $600 – What are Cub Scouts?
  • $800 – What is Splicing?
  • $1000 – What is a Bear Bag?

How many did you get?

Did you get all five? Were these too easy? Leave your thought below.

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