Watch a sneak peek of ‘Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?’

“Are You Tougher?” comes from Thom Beers, the man behind “Deadliest Catch,” “Ice Road Truckers,” “Ax Men,” “Storage Wars,” and “Pitchmen.”

UPDATE (June 29): While the viewing period for the sneak preview clip is now over, stay tuned to Bryan on Scouting for more details on the show as soon as I get them!

If seeing is believing, consider me a believer.

Five months after I first told you about Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?, the new reality show on the National Geographic Channel, we now get our first look at the series.

First impression? This is gonna be awesome.

The show, which pits real Scouts against adults who didn’t quite make Eagle as boys, is scheduled to debut this November.

Count on me to keep you updated once we have a firm air date and more information.

What did you think of the clip?


  1. When I saw this during the Program session at the National Meeting last month, I had the same impression I have now:

    – These Scouts need to lose the merit badge sashes. Come on — the only time Scouts are supposed to wear those things are during ceremonies — not when kicking some old guys’ butts.

    – Is this going to be limited to just outdoor “merit badges” or are we going to see Scouts kick mean butt in Chess or Home Repairs or Plumbing — or Robotics?

    – Okay, I get the “excitement” part of rappelling, crossing rapids, canoeing, swimming. But you know, only a few Scouts get to really do those kinds of things on a regular basis. Programs like this may force those Troops that barely make it to summer camp fold up simply because the “delivery of the Promise” as shown on Nat Geo channel isn’t the reality of what Scouting IS about today — even with the opening of the Summit!

    The last point is what I talked with some other Scouters after the Program session about and they waived it all off by saying “it’ll last for a few episodes but it’ll go away.” I told them — and I’m telling you — that things like this and “product placement” like finding out which competitors in the Olympic Games are former or present Scouts or Venturers or Scouters — is IMPORTANT. It shows that Scouts CAN do more than just show up a meeting once a week and maybe go camping overnight someplace once a month – and that there’s a goal, an end result, a consequence for attending the meetings and doing the service projects and memorizing the Scout Oath and Law, Slogan and Motto. I would like to see more of a spread of what the *entire Scouting program* is about today and less on the “high/outdoor adventure” elements.

    Bottom line: we have to keep in mind that not ALL of our Troops are equipped, trained or even INTERESTED in “outdoor/extreme adventure”; but ALL Scouts want to “see themselves” in the bodies of Americans doing things in many vocations and occupations as a “graduate” of Scouting’s great programs.

    YES, I loved it. I’m looking forward to SOMETHING BETTER, however!!

  2. good grief—another reality show?? not once did i ever see scouts in full uniform during a summer outing…especially the sash=what’s next?? raging grannies on scooters??!

  3. I don’t know where you get the idea that today’s Bot Scout troop can not deliver on the promise. Our 100+ scout troop prides itself on high adventure for all scouts and works hard to deliver on that promise! Later this summer we have scouts from our troop climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa as part of a scout trip.

    I think the video shows the potential of scouts that are challenged both physically and mentally. Boys today have so much to choose from for activities and it’s about time that the “nerdy boy scout” image gets a make over that shows how fun and adventurous a boy scout troop can be.

    I look forward to the TV show and hope that it brings new scouts into the program looking for adventure and that more scout troops don’t settle for the same old programs and trips when planning events.

    Bill Rice
    Troop 175, Simsbury CT

    • I agree with the optomists. Boy Scouts has been getting a bad rap for the last 20 + years and it is time to show the World who we are. I have been a scout leader for 2 sons since 1999 and I feel that we are raising great boys to be great leaders.
      I have a 19 year old Eagle Scout and a 15 year old working on his Eagle project.
      However, I do believe that all aspects of soucting should be shown. Including thinking, leading and service in addition to the many outdoor skills. Thank you, PW

  4. I think this is just the shot in the arm Scouting needs! At a time when our program is up against so many other activities, this has the potential to inspire some boys to get involved in Scouting and possibly some troops to get out and do more Scouting! Hopefully this will inspire celebrity/pro sports stars, that are former Scouts, to be more vocal about their experience in Scouting!

    As far as the uniform, yeah, you do not wear a full Field Uniform when doing an outing but is does make an impressive entry and folks not involved in scouting will be impressed! From what I can see in the video, once they are doing things they are not in the Field Uniform.

    I can proudly say that all the Scouts that have been on our troop for over a year have rappelled, whitewater rafted, hiked, climbed, etc. It is just part of the program and what the boys want to do as part of “just doing what Scouts do” Troops that fold simply because they are not doing these activities should fold because the leaders are not making it happen and not delivering the promise. Those boys should find a troop that offers what they are looking for. Don’t get me wrong but either you bring the opportunities that the boys want or you will lose the boys! Sure there are the other things that Scouts do and that is great and we embrace that in our troop too, but I do not think watching Electronics MB will cut the mustard for TV!

    I too look forward to the show and think it will put a positive spin on Scouting and inspire others to follow.

    Bill Fleming, Jr.
    Troop 388

    • I thought the Scouts are supposed to make it happen, hence “boy led”. How can you blame the leaders for not offering these activities?

  5. I thought the uniform was much too formal for the outdoor event. They should be shown in full uniform, but as an aside or interview type situation. I hate reality shows, because they emphasize the ridiculous, I hope that that does not happen here

  6. I agree with you Bill. I’m hoping this show will be done in a way that promotes Scouting etc. I understand why the producer had the scouts wear their sashes but, we in scouting know the proper use… I can live with it if it motivates non-scouters to become scouters.

    Janny Jarvis
    Troop 537
    Crew 3022

  7. I’ll agree that one of my first thoughts was, “Merit Badge Sash? Really?” But I like the concept. Maybe a marginal troop or two will fold because their program was not what it should be. If that happens, it’s because the youth left to a troop that had the program the youth needed. It should not be about the units, but about the youth. I see far to many professional scouters worried about the numbers instead of the program.

    There is nothing about what I saw in this program that does not scream, “this is the pinnacle.” Shouldn’t that be what we are reaching for? If the goal is the least common denominator, then what you will get is the “least”.

    Good for National Geographic and good for BSA national for getting some good press.

    Joe Meyer
    Lodge Advisor
    Tindeuchen Lodge #522
    Erie Shores Council

  8. Anything that brings a positive spin to Scouting is FANTASTIC. Our local Council in recent years has built great climbing towers and have installed zip lines. I can’t wait till our camps install mountain boarding and dirt biking course like the ones at the 2010 National Jamboree.

  9. It’s a scam. It’s rigged. And BSA won’t alow any negitive feed back on thier Youtube channel. Remember “FEED BACK IS A GIFT”. My boys were happy at first to be on the show. Now they think the whole thing sucks.

    • I usually don’t mind competition, especially at Camporees to make the youth work harder. But if the show is rigged so that the Youth win over Adults, everyone will figure that out real fast and it will make the Boy Scouts will like a sham. And all the shows will be outdoors and Youth should beat Adults.

  10. Bill Rice and I agree on what the “end result” of this venture should be…but he stated in part:

    “I don’t know where you get the idea that today’s Bot Scout troop can not deliver on the promise. Our 100+ scout troop prides itself on high adventure for all scouts and works hard to deliver on that promise! Later this summer we have scouts from our troop climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa as part of a scout trip.”

    But that’s YOUR Troop (and there’s probably about 300 or so other Troops which can do those kinds of things). The average Troop down the street in the basement of a church or civic office don’t have those resources, however. And when parents and Scouts start asking “why don’t we do things like what we see on the TV show?” a lot of us will simply backpeddle and offer half-baked excuses like “well, they did that for TV so that they can give people an idea of the capabilities of Scouts…”

    (See, I couldn’t even finish that thought, Bill…)

    I strongly agree with you in what you stated:

    “I think the video shows the potential of scouts that are challenged both physically and mentally. Boys today have so much to choose from for activities and it’s about time that the “nerdy boy scout” image gets a make over that shows how fun and adventurous a boy scout troop can be.”

    I am wayyyy ahead of you here…but the fun and adventure should not be limited to just “outdoor/high adventure” things. What’s wrong with some Scouts and some adults facing off on a pioneering structure? What’s wrong with Scouts and adults facing off on an emergency prep type obsticle course? What’s wrong with Scouts and adults competing in a cooking contest, judged by one of those famous chefs?

    There are so many possibilities here for Scouts to excel and beat the socks off of some adults — and you know, because they ARE Scouts, there may be some opportunities for the Scouts to be beaten and perhaps we’ll see a bit of Scouting’s character and ideals come into play there as well.

    As someone else posted, I’m looking forward to the concept and hope it won’t get watered down and turn into something really stupid!!

    • Mike, I think your ideas are well represented. I would love to see some boys do a Dutch oven cook off or leather-craft competition. You’re right; it’s not just outdoor high-adventure. And what about things like living the Scout Law which to me is the real spirit of Scouting. Hard to measure Law and Spirit, although it seems these boys have it, though.

  11. If the show comes to TV, I just hope it shows the BSA in a good light. I saw some taunting, and that’s not what a scout does. He should be trying to uplift and help the adults through their ordeals. That would really put a twist on the show. Remember the 12 points of the Scout Law.

  12. Good timing – thank you! I was able to show this clip to some kids in a troop and the responses included:
    – ‘oh, its a show about adults trying to prove they are cool – kind of sad’
    – ‘why don’t they just start volunteering with a troop that does this stuff?’
    – ‘I have a bad feeling about what will be heard from the Scouts around the campfire – its another ‘reality show’ so they’ll look for drama. I know I’d get in trouble over editing!’
    – ‘cool I guess’
    – ‘we can hike to songs that make fun of people?’ (I know, I cringed at that as well – but, you can’t say they weren’t being honest with me!!)

    When I asked if they would show this to their friends at school that aren’t in the troop:
    – ‘I’m supposed to say ‘yes!’ right?’
    – ‘yeah, but only to laugh at people’ (I know, bad attitude. But it did springboard us into a great discussion about living the Scout Oath and Law.)
    – ‘probably not ones that aren’t in a troop, unless the Scout was a friend of mine’
    – ‘maybe if nothing else is on’

    REALLY honest feedback from them – which is good! (Scouting is supposed to be a safe place – and in that they were able to be really honest about their thoughts is a great sign to me from a Commissioner standpoint!) And, it did generate good discussions about living the Scout Oath and Law, as well as how they would recruit new members.

    I’m curious to hear reactions to this from adults and youth who are NOT involved with Scouting.

  13. I am keeping an open mind. I hope it generate good will in the community and interest with potential participants.

    My two Eagle Scout sons are more skeptical. Their comment was that nothing good could come of this.

    We shall see!

  14. Where is the dislike button when you need it? This show does not and will not depict who The Boy Scouts of America really are. The show is rigged and gives Boy Scouts a bad name. Putting professionals in a Boy Scout uniform is a sick and twisted thing to even think about, let alone this will be airing one day to demonstrate who the Boy Scouts of America are not!! A selected few on the show know what they’re doing (3 people) the rest of them you can forget it and deserve to be kicked out of the scouting program. I am very very unsatisfied how this show will represent The Boy Scouts of America. You may ask your self why the all the negative feed back? The answer is simple. The Boy Scouts who really know what they are doing and demonstrate who The Boy Scouts of America really are, are not allowed to be on the show because they are too “Good”. I’m Jordan Daniel Life Scout from Troop 49 Big Bear, CA and approve this message.

    • Jordan….Congrats on completing your Eagle Scout project at Arrestre Trail Camp. We used the picnic table on 9/24/12. I became an Eagle Scout in 1985. Great Job!

      • I was looking at all these old comments and came across yours. Means a lot to me that you posted on here about my Eagle Project. I’m glad you were able to use the picnic table.

  15. Jordan:

    Originally, I was going to not respond to your comment but something has me bothered when I came back here and re-read your comment.

    You stated in part:

    “Putting professionals in a Boy Scout uniform is a sick and twisted thing to even think about, let alone this will be airing one day to demonstrate who the Boy Scouts of America are not!!”

    Um…every professional Scouter *I know* or *know of* has a Scout field uniform; he or she is supposed to wear it…so where’s this comment coming from?


    “The Boy Scouts who really know what they are doing and demonstrate who The Boy Scouts of America really are, are not allowed to be on the show because they are too “Good”. ”

    “Good” for whom? Did you try out and didn’t get selected…or is this like one of those shows whereby you got “kicked off the mountain”?

  16. Mike:

    “Putting Professionals in Boy Scout uniforms” – Anyone can wear a uniform, But when they wear that uniform do they represent the TRUE colors of Boy Scouts who DO represent the Scout Law & Oath? A few scouts on this show DO represent the Boy Scouts of America. I made it on the show but did not do any filming. They replaced already selected Boy Scouts (Who DO have skills and DO represent the Scout Law & Oath) with Scouts who just wear the uniform and call them self a Boy Scout. All I’m trying to say is this show “Are you Tougher than a Boy Scout” does not represent the true image of The Boy Scouts of America.

  17. When Jordin is saying “Professional” he means the 17 year old “boy” you see is in fact picked because he is the top shooter,climber or what ever it is first. Then they pour that into a scout shirt, shake well and call him a boy scout.

    • So the operative questions really are:

      – Are these registered Boy Scouts or Venturers or are they actors with special skills (e.g. shooting or rappelling)?

      – Can they recite the Scout Oath and Law and are they willing to adhere to the Scouting ideas during the duration of the “competition”?

      (Not “whether or not they *behave* like Scouts; those of us who have been around “real Scouts” or “real Venturers” enough to know that all young men (and women in the case of Venturing) “cut up” and “act a fool” from time to time, especially around their peers. It is when they must “perform” like Scouts that the trueness of their adhereness to the Scouting 3 and 12 comes out…)

      Anything else is secondary to answers to those two questions.

  18. I have read the above posts and I am so dishearten by some of the comments and I have reached the point that I must respond to some of the comments. How dare you all pass negative judgements on a program based solely on assumptions! We should be completely behind this program and the promotion of the wonderful program of Scouting. Instead, this is reflecting in-fighting and ignorance based on assumptions and not facts. I believe the Scout Law states “a Scout is Courteous and Kind.” It is hurtful to see the back and forth negative banter in regards to this program when there should be complete support of the scouts involved AND the positive promotion of Scouting. Remember these boys are just like you or your sons and they have feelings too. Shame on those who would even “go there” claiming that these boys are not scouts, just boys in a uniform. Is this scout like behavior? I think not! If we were ever worried about the worst of scouting being shown, we do not have to look any further than the negative comments to this blog post. For me, I cannot wait for this program to come out and show how wonderful Scouting is and what strong men the program is building!
    This post is coming from a daughter of an Eagle Scout, a wife of an Eagle Scout and a mother of an Eagle Scout.

    • Laura:

      What I’ve stated are true facts and are NOT based off assumptions. I made it on the show but did not do any filming. As I remember a scout is “helpful”, How is posting comments on this blog helpful? Providing TRUE facts to the public about what this show is really about. However the only part they’ve got down in this show is the High Adventure activities. The producers fail to understand the big picture of what Boy Scouts is about. Like Steve said “When Jordan is saying “Professional” he means the 17 year old “boy” you see is in fact picked because he is the top shooter,climber or what ever it is first. Then they pour that into a scout shirt, shake well and call him a boy scout”. Which is what they are doing on this show. When this show airs in the fall the viewers who watch it are going to get the wrong idea on what Scouting really is about. Scouting is a wonderful thing, but this show does not focus on the big picture only the activities part.

  19. Today I received four emails — two supporting what I’ve posted here (and on LinkedIn’s BSA Adult Volunteers forum, which all I did was to “cut and paste” my comments from here over there…nothing more to see…move on…*grinning*) and two very much, well, not in favor.

    I want to address the two “well, not in favor” because I feel that they have the wrong impression of why I posted five comments and not a single one of them saying “this is a bad idea”, the “Scouts aren’t really Scouts” nor “the competition’s not for real.”

    There were OTHERS who stated those items. I simply called them on their allegations, they spoke their peace and went on.

    I’m going to repost, however, my CONCERNS about this show. My concerns are REAL, and they are based upon what we in the BSA had to deal with not so long ago.

    We all know that the BSA is experiencing a membership and unit slump. There’s a lot of reasons for it, but a few years ago some good-intentioned Scouters thought that if we offered potential youth and their families some “expanded truth”, they’ll join and we’ll once again “be on top.” These Scouters expressed that Scouts — all of the Scouts — would go to Philmont, rappel off of cliffs, and run rapids in (insert name of various locations). When that didn’t happen, parents took their kids out of Scouting, started bad-mouthing us to their friends, and guys like me who made it a minor cottage industry to go around and convince families that “Scouting’s where it’s at!!” were met with verbal pitchforks…if not more. To them, we were liars of the first degree.

    To be fair, there WERE and CONTINUE TO BE a lot of Troops and Teams out there (and later Venturing units) doing many of the things illustrated in the cut-out promotional video Bryan provided us with. They are having a GREAT TIME and there’s nothing –absolutely nothing — which is wrong with this. They’re giving them Scouting! Thanks for doing that, by the way!!

    When this show airs, I feel we are basically going to take our movement — not the great Troops with lots of resources and super chartered partners and lots of involved parents; but the ones with little to no money, chartered partners who really just “sign the papers and otherwise don’t want to be bothered with”, and those four or five parents all trying to “keep it together” (and I know what I’m talking about — I was a Scoutmaster of two Troops at both extremes of this description) — and send us toward having to do “Deliver the Promise II”.

    Scouts are going to see this show and immediately want to join if for no other reason than to “beat a bunch of adults at a kid’s game” (Didn’t anyone tell you that SCOUTING is a game for youth, organized by youth, coached and managed by adults?) and to “do all of the things those guys do…” Parents are going to see this show and do what we really want — need — them to do: sign their kids up to become Boy Scouts. Then when the Scout doesn’t do *any of these things*, instead talking about citizenship and character, we’re going to get a backlash.

    I hope I’m wrong. I hope that this show will bring a slice of life to the Scouting program in the USA unfamiliar with many families.

    I would be disappointed as an old man (I’m 53) if a bunch of young 16-18 year olds can’t do Scouting skills BETTER than I and some of my peers around the same age can do. Getting a bunch of “guys who didn’t make it to Eagle” and pitting them against Eagle Scouts (let’s hope they *are*) with skill sets — what I said to one guy is “this isn’t a competition…it’s a wipe! Of course the Scouts are going to come up on top every time!” If that’s the idea of the show — okay. I can work with that. But I bet I could probably find something a bit more challenging on TV than knowing the outcome of this show each week, for sure.

    I haven’t seen the complete show — just what you and everyone else has seen…but I am willing to bet a small stack of CSPs that the ideals of Scouting has been left behind in the interest of “pumping up the volume” of the outdoor aspect of being a Scout. There has been several comments made here about the “taunts” that the youth Scouts stated. My personal hope is that somehow that practical applications of the Scout Oath and Law make their way into every episode. That’s what we coach and mentor our youth to do every day — and to visually enjoy having to experience those applications would make me want to keep the channel clicker on the table and perhaps force me to take some mental/physical notes for a future Scoutmaster’s/Mentor’s Minute.

    Finally, what I suggested is that the production company take a look at what BOY SCOUTING really is all about all over this nation. Not the “300 or so great Troops out there which does all of these wonderful things…” but rather the “4000 or so great Troops which are doing cool things with next to nothing — if not nothing.” How about a dutch oven bake-off. A real knot test. An orienteering course with everyone using a compass and a map. Things that Scouts learn how to do each and every week all over this land.

    As I stated to anyone willing to read down to the end: the show’s a GREAT idea. I just hoped that the BSA would do — can do *better*.

    The show doesn’t come on until NOVEMBER. This is in that “box” which says “let’s open it then…and see what pops out.”

    (and yes, guy who wrote to me and said “up until now, I just thought you were somebody working at “national” who would come on here and help “stir the pot” for them — NOW I know you’re one of us, one of the vols out in the field slugging it out like the rest of us…” Yep. As my website and my profile indicates, I’m nothing more than a longtime volunteer who loves the program and what it stands for…and who attempts (and fails a lot…) to live the Scouting values and ideals. I am exactly who I say I am in my signature line — )


    Settummanque is writer, retired military officer, dad, friend,
    traveler, public speaker, webmaster, Eagle Scout, and/or “sweetie”
    (LTC) Mike Walton. South Lake Minnetonka area, Minnesota.

  20. I am a Cubmaster in the Los Angeles area and can’t wait for my boys to watch this show. I do feel though that it depicts some of scoutings best and most expensive activities, besides they are the activities for the older boys anyways (remember the 14 and older rules).

    That aside, I have a son whose troop, like many of the troops in the Los Angeles area, does tons and tons of fundraising to be able to take trips which encompass those types of activities, as well as travel to summer camps in other states. There are boys who are now raising funds to attend the 2013 Jamboree. Scouting is not about parents paying for these trips, or better yet, adults planning them. Scouting is about the boys planning what trips they want to take and how to reach that goal financially.

    My son will be traveling to Virginia in just a few weeks to the new site of the 2013 Jamboree, the Summit. He can’t wait to do all of these high adventure activities and try out the new site. It is possible for all boys to participate in any type of activity they wish, just get on the”Fundraising Bandwagon” and do it. Learning to pay your own way is one great things scouting teaches.

    As for the activities depicted on the show, yes I agree there needs to be more scouting types of things, such as tying knots, lashing, first aid, etc. These are things the boys are good at and learn from day one in Boy Scouts.

    But, we will see, it seems to be a test of physical endurance rather than mental endurance. Scouting involves both and both should be shown.

    Looking forward to the show in November. Can’t wait for my cubbies to see what is in their future if they want it.

  21. Really, the average troop down the street doesn’t have the resources??? That is balderdash! There is nothing against troops combining their resources to cooperatively work together. They can draw in their district resources to help them. They can draw on council resources, they can contact troops and crews in other areas that should be more than happy to help them out. It falls back on the leaders helping to provide the boys the best opportunities. There are huge amounts of companies, businesses, and individuals that are yearning to help scouts do anything! It is easy if any troop or crew that wants to do high adventure to do it. All it takes is someone making a phone call or just going out to ask. Go to summer camp, get involved on the District level! Chances are you will not be alone in wanting to do different things. Get out and start getting involved. Resolve to do more than just sit in a church basement! There are tons of resources for getting out and doing things! I am organizing a 50 mile canoe trip for my district. It is taking a lot of planning but it will be done! If your troop is close to Pikeville, KY I invite you to come on down, or over, or up and join us! It is over labor day weekend! I am proof that things dan be done if you just do it!

  22. As a Cub Scout Committee Chair with 3 sons (2 in the Boys Scout Program and 1 in the Cub Program), I am cautiously optimistic about what this show could do for the BSA image and how it could affect the enrollment after the show airs.

    The uniform wasn’t such a big deal in the show trailer because it could be a good conversation point for discussions about proper uniform with non-scouts/scouters. These discussions could then jump into other topics.

    A big issue for me and one that made me gasp during viewing of this clip was the lack of sportsmanship displayed by the Scouts throughout the trailer. THIS is what could create more of an image problem for Scouting than it already has, especially in the metropolitan area that I live in. We recruit families into a CHARACTER building program. This clip did NOT depict the characteristics of a Boy Scout.

    I’m hoping that the full episode shows the Scouts conferring about what their responsibility is to HELP the adults which is in the true spirit of Scouting.

  23. The show is 100 percent real. All Scouts can repeat the Scout Oath and Law. Scouts are all real Scouts. Going to be a great show!

  24. This show is going to be fantastic! I can not wait for it to air! Im going to have a great time watching it and enjoying it! I hope that it represents the quality of all the boy scouts of america and that it is politically free!

  25. Our local BSA Council has just put out a memo through it’s New’s Letter covering the MB Sash do’s and dont’s. Random?

    Our unit has worn the sash when traveling, during Eagle Projects (if it is the Candidate) to Funerals, Camporee Ceremonies etc.
    The video that was posted here showed scouts displaying the sash while ‘formally’ meeting with others…they were not climbing trees etc.
    Seeing the sash will give the viewer a broad sense of each casted scouts accomplishments beyond the Eagle Rank. Fact – A Merit Badge covered sash looks really cool to anyone.
    If Baden Powell, the creator of Merit Badges, were here today he would likely want to see the sash worn much more than it is. The Sash is something to be proud of and when loaded up presents a good influence on other scouts.

    Of course they should wear their sashes… at least long enough to show them off… but not thrash them


  26. At the time real eagle scouts are returning their medals because the gay discrimination the Scouts of America answer back by giving away the eagle medals in a TV show.
    What happen if the contestant who wins the medal is gay? they will give him the medal anyway? or they don’t let gay people to participate?
    Why they don’t make a show call “are you more bigotry than a scout”?

  27. I echo the sentiments of many here and do hope that Scouting be shown in a good light. Most reality shows does invite drama and stuff because of ratings. I believe the better reality show I have seen was Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to be a Superhero” where people get eliminated because of non-heroic actions and people are rewarded because they came back to help someone they are competiting against. Most reality shows today rewards people for being devious, two-faced, and overly dramatic.

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