Points in the Paint: Ohio troop’s trailer a slam dunk for the BSA

Want to get your unit’s recruiting up to speed?

Consider hauling your “Join Scouting” message everywhere your pack, troop, team, or crew travels.

Start by taking a page from Canton, Ohio, Troop 4’s playbook, which just wrapped its trailer with a complete visual history of the unit.

Michael Gorfido, assistant Scoutmaster, writes that the trailer has been “completely wrapped with graphics that tell the whole Troop 4 history in picture form and a nifty timeline that features WD Boyce, Baden-Powell, handbooks for each period, and the history of Scouting, including the 100th year celebration. It’s really cool.”

Troop 4 was formed in 1915, making it the oldest continually chartered troop in the Buckeye Council, Gorfido says.

“Our troop has more than 150 Eagles, a storied history of very committed Scoutmasters, has participated in Pipestone every year, Klondike, and goes to Philmont every other year,” Gorfido continues. “I transferred my son there two years ago because of the rich heritage and wanted him to experience that.”

Find some more photos of Troop 4’s mobile masterpiece below.

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