Beyond words: Infographics show high-adventure bases by the numbers

Northern Tier

Math was never my strong suit — that’s exactly why I got into this business of words.

So when I see numbers presented in an easy-to-digest format, I take notice.

Case in point: These cool, new infographics that offer a glimpse into the BSA’s four high-adventure bases.

The graphics — one each for Northern Tier, Philmont, Sea Base, and The Summit — contain interesting facts and fun numbers.

For Northern Tier, you’ll learn the length of the largest fish caught at the base. The Philmont graphic reveals exactly how many peaks over 9,000 feet are on the property. Want to know the number of boats in the Sea Base fleet? Here’s your answer. And The Summit’s graphic gives you a better understanding of the BSA’s newest high-adventure home.

Check out the graphics below. Click each to see it at a larger size.


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