Man with largest collection of Eagle Scout medals honored

Dr. Terry Grove got his first Eagle Scout Award medal in 1956.

It wouldn’t be his last.

Ever since, he’s been fascinated by the ever-changing design of Eagle Scout medals, patches, hat pins, and other artifacts.

And now, the Central Florida Scouter has amassed the largest collection of Eagle Scout Award medals in the world.

To honor Grove’s efforts to preserve these important pieces of Scouting history, the Boy Scouts of America has presented Grove with its Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, given to fewer than 2,000 Scouters since its inception in 1969.

In 1991, Grove published his first book, The Comprehensive Guide to the Eagle Scout Award. The title is self-explanatory.

In the years since, Grove has taken his collection to the National Scouting museum in Irving, Tex., the past two national jamborees, and multiple National Order of the Arrow Conferences.

So with all the medals in his collection, which is his favorite? His own, of course.

His award means “people can say not only is he about Eagles, but he is one,” Grove says.

And even though the design of the award has changed ever since his was pinned on more than a half-century ago, Eagle Scouts are still Eagle Scouts.

“It doesn’t matter when we got the award,” he says. “What it means is that we have prepared ourselves to live in the world that we live in.”

Congrats, Terry! For more, watch this excellent video below:

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