Philmont, through the lens of trained photographers

Point your camera in any direction while exploring Philmont, and you’re bound to get an image worth keeping.

Natural beauty envelops you there.

But hand your camera to a trained photographer, and the resulting images beg to be framed and prominently placed on your living room walls.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out the visual evidence in the images below.

These perfect pictures come from last month’s inaugural Philmont Photographic Workshop (read my posts about the event here and here).

Like you, I’m bummed I wasn’t there in person, but thanks to BSA photographer Randy Piland, we get the next best thing.

Randy collected 150 of the greatest images from that weeklong workshop. The slideshow features a mix of magazine-worthy portraits, compelling detail shots, and, of course, incredible landscapes.

If photography is your passion, you’ll want to keep an eye on Bryan on Scouting next year for info on the second edition of the Philmont Photographic Workshop.

But for now, escape with me to Philmont …


  1. Hey Bryan — I have a related question. I take loads of photographs at all of our scouting events. I’m no pro, but some of them are pretty good. Does Boy’s Life and or Scouting magazine (or the National Council Website) have an interest in receiving submissions of the better shots? If so, how would somebody submit?

    I suspect that there may be too many photo enthusiasts in the scouting community for the national publications to really be able to handle the potential flow of submissions. But, heck, I’d love to have one of my photos featured in the magazines.

    Keep up the good work.

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