Take aim with new shooting-sports reference

If you’re an instructor for shooting sports, you can’t just keep your eye on the target. You’ve got another bulls-eye to focus on: safety.

That’s why you need to check out the newly released Shooting Sports Manual, designed for unit and camp leadership, merit badge counselors, and council shooting-sport committees.

Developed by the BSA’s Shooting Sports Committee in conjunction with the National Rifle Association, this comprehensive manual explains the roles and responsibilities of shooting-sports personnel, lists equipment inspection guidelines, outlines the instructions for councils operating shooting ranges, and much more.

The manual also offers detailed lesson plans for all BSA programs in a full-range of shooting sports: archery, BB gun, shotgun, and rifle shooting.

Don’t wait to unify and enrich the quality of your shooting-sports programs with this valuable new resource. Access the Shooting Sports Manual in PDF form here, or find it in print at your local Scout Shop.