Let’s see your troop or crew’s trailer design

A 2004 H&H 7-by-14-foot tandem axle enclosed trailer with ramp door

These days, more and more units haul their gear in style with a specially designed trailer, like Troop 42’s, seen above.

The troop’s bold and sophisticated trailer serves both an internal and an external purpose.

Inside, it keeps the Scouts’ tents, sleeping bags, patrol boxes, and more organized, and it gets the gear from Point A to Point B.

On the outside, it works as a mobile advertisement for the unit. It announces to potential Scouts and Scouters the presence of a fun, active Scout unit in the area and tells non-Scouts how to find more information.

I especially like the troop’s slogan, “Leaving Our Mark Everywhere We Go.” And including the troop’s Web site? Smart.

I know Troop 42 isn’t the only Scout unit with a great-looking trailer design, though. So I want to see what your troop or crew uses.

Send me a photo of your trailer, and I’ll post the best ones right here on the blog.


  • E-mail me one or two high-resolution photos of your trailer.
  • Include the word “trailer” in the e-mail’s subject line.
  • Tell me your troop/crew number, council name, and location.
  • Write a little about how you came up with the design.
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