Name That Council: March 11, 2011 solution

Catalina Council shoulder patch

Scouter Seth sat there, stumped.

No matter how hard he searched for an answer to Friday’s Name That Council contest, he couldn’t solve the mystery.

Frustrated as he was, his Scouting spirit was high when he sent me this e-mail:


I have no idea.  I searched Google for 30 minutes, going through over 55 pages of results.  You picked a good one there buddy!!!

Yours in Scouting,


But there’s more. On our Facebook page, Scouter Randy smelled a conspiracy brewing with Friday’s contest: “Tricky,” he wrote. “Did you have the council remove this patch from their web site? I went to the council to which I thought it belonged and couldn’t find it anywhere?”

“Nope,” I responded. “I don’t have that kind of pull.”

I really don’t. I guess some patches are inherently more difficult to identify than others. The patch above belongs to the Tucson, Ariz.-based Catalina Council. And Randy’s right about the council’s Web site. It’s a slick-looking, easy-to-navigate site, but the council patch is nowhere to be found.

In spite of all of these factors working against you all, we have a winner: Bob McGuire of the Northeast Pennsylvania Council. Bob’s entry was one of 33 correct responses (out of 80 total). I’ll send Bob the Catalina Council patch right away.

Name That Council returns tomorrow. I hope this next one won’t be quite the stumper!

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