Recap: Boy Scouts of America on “Jeopardy!” (the sequel)

For the second time in 2010, “America’s favorite quiz show,” the half-hour of answers and questions known as “Jeopardy!”, featured a category all about the Boy Scouts of America.

As you may remember, the program showed some love for the BSA in late February, too. You can see the answers and questions from that episode here. On Tuesday, the Clue Crew and Alex Trebek were at it again.

As they did in the February episode, Jimmy and Sarah of the Clue Crew visited California’s Camp Winton, located in the Golden Empire Council.

The “Boy Scout Activities” category featured five questions, and contestants answered each of them correctly on the first try. The total sum for answering all five questions correctly? A cool $4,600 (one of them was a Daily Double). If the rest of us could get that kind of cash for knowing BSA trivia, we’d be rich!

The category and clues were new, but the $800 answer from the February episode probably looked familiar to those watching on Tuesday.

If you missed the episode, don’t worry. Here are the five answers from the special category. See how many you know, and then follow the jump to check your work.

$200: When a properly prepared Scout gets out on the water, he doesn’t leave shore without a PFD, short for this.

$400: To qualify for a Bugling merit badge, a Scout must know 15 calls including this one sounded at the end of the day.

$600: When Scouts swim safely, they use this system in which one Scout looks out for the other and vice versa.

$800: Patterns a Scout can use to build a fire include cross-ditch, pyramid, and this one named for a Native American structure.

$1,000 (Daily Double): From the French for summoning, it’s the practice of a Scout safely lowering himself down a mountainside.

Follow the jump to check your work. Good luck!

Correct questions:

$200: What is a personal flotation device?

$400: What is “Taps”?

$600: What is the Buddy System?

$800: What is a teepee?

$1,000: What is rappelling?

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