El Paso Boy Scout saves his teacher from oncoming car

Meritofhonor_crossedpalmsAt Scouting magazine, we hear a lot of stories about heroic Scouts, but they never get old.

That's why we wanted to share with you the story of Fernando Espinosa, a Boy Scout from El Paso, Tex., who pushed his teacher out of the path of an oncoming car near his high school. Fernando's teacher suffered a broken foot but says that she's alive thanks to him.

Fernando didn't make it out of the way, though, and the car hit him, throwing him into the windshield and injuring his head and knee. He's recovering well, and this week he'll receive the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms (left) for his bravery.

The medal, one of the rarest in Scouting, is given in "exceptional cases to a youth member or adult leader who has demonstrated unusual heroism and extraordinary skill or resourcefulness in saving or attempting to save life at extreme risk to self." The medal was first awarded in 1938, and only 231 have been given through the end of 2009.

Read the full story about Fernando in the El Paso Times.

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