“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe: Scouts thrive in situations others avoid

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Mike Rowe knows a thing or two about uncomfortable situations. But speaking in front of 70,000 fellow Scouts at the jamboree apparently isn’t one of them.

The host of “Dirty Jobs” has often squirmed while trying some of the country’s least-desirable professions. But Rowe was right in his element Saturday night as he addressed an attentive, massive crowd at the “Shining Light” arena show.

Rowe, an Eagle Scout, had a simple message that you should share with the members of your pack, troop, or crew: A Scout should be clean but not afraid to get dirty.

Scouts, he says, are unique because they try things that make them uncomfortable. As Scout leaders or parents, you know that taking a Scout out of his element often offers the greatest opportunity for growth.

That, Rowe said, is why Scouting is so great. Scouts thrive in situations that others try to avoid. While many people despise hiking, camping, service, and hard work, those activities define Scouting.

It was a message that resonated with the crowd at the arena show, helping make this self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Dirt” an excellent ambassador for Scouting, as well.


  1. Mike was a fantastic speaker! His words hit home our scouting family could really relate.
    Mom of 2 Eagles

    • Wow, your sons are birds? That makes sense, since you always had a bit of a bird brain and never remembered students’ names.

  2. Our son Dan attended the BSA National Jamboree last year in VA. He was very impressed with the visit from Mike Rowe. Since then he has advanced to Eagle.Scout. We have received letters of acknowledgement from many dignataries, but a letter from Mr. Rowe would certainly be the highlight of his Eagle Court of Honor that will take place on October 8. We would appreciate any help in this matter. Sincerely, Sue Temme

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