Listen to QBSA from home, work, or on your cell phone

Boy Scout troops are boy-run, and now, so are the airwaves.

That’s because QBSA 102.9, the BSA’s official jamboree radio station, is now live and streaming on your radio, computer, or cell phone.

What’s on? You’ll hear a mix of great music and timely news about the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. The best part is that it’s run by the Scouts themselves. They’re the DJs, which means they pick the music and read the news updates. Adults are there to help with technical problems and get the boys started. And, we assume, to make sure they’re not playing Marilyn Manson.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day from now until the end of the jamboree.

If you’re at the jamboree (or close enough to pick up the radio broadcast), tune your radio to 102.9 FM. If not, click this link to learn how to listen to the broadcast on your PC, Mac, or smartphone:

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