New BSA president Rex Tillerson among 2010 Silver Buffalo Award recipients

This year’s Silver Buffalo Award recipients have one thing in common: none of them set out to earn Scouting’s top honor.

But a lifetime of service to youth did not go unnoticed, and on Friday, 12 men received the red-and-white medal at the National Annual Meeting in Dallas.

We told you about the award’s 85-year history and previous recipients in a previous post.

Among the 2010 honorees is the new President of the Boy Scouts of America, Rex Tillerson (pictured). Tillerson, who also serves as CEO of Exxon Mobil, began his two-year term as BSA president last week.

Here’s the full list of 2010 Silver Buffalo Award recipients:

Keith A. Clark, Lemoyne, Pa.

Ronald O. Coleman, Decatur, Ga.

R. Michael Daniel, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Jack D. Furst, Argyle, Tex.

William Lloyd Garrison, Cleveland, Ohio

William H. Gates III, Medina, Wash.

Albert S. Lineberry Sr., Greensboro, N.C.

Douglas B. Mitchell, Atlanta, Ga.

O. Temple Sloan, Raleigh, N.C.

Charles H. Smith, Concord, Calif.

Rex Tillerson, Irving, Tex.

Steven E. Weekes, Hudson, Wis.


  1. I notice that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is wearing the Silver Buffalo in his buttonhole. What year was his awarded?

  2. Another question: Is there ANY occasion when a Merit Badge Sash AND an Order of the Arrow sash may BOTH be worn? I am of the understanding that there is NOT, but I am open to suggestion, with documentation. Thank you.

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