A new look for Cub Scouting

CubCover1 If you read Scouting's May-June story "New Blue," you learned all about the exciting changes coming to the Cub Scout program this fall.

Along with the new Cub Scout delivery method come nine new covers for leaders' guides. These redesigned covers are the work of a group of artists who each added a unique flavor to these important pieces of a leader's library.

Bob Scott, the BSA's innovation coordinator, teamed up with Janet Ferguson, creative director at Brainchild, a Dallas-based education consulting agency.

Ferguson found artists who could visually convey the message in each of these books in an interesting way.

"They all have their own personality, but they’re still ingrained in the Scouting mission," she said.

Look for five of the nine new books now at Scoutstuff.org or at your local Scout shop: Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide, Roundtable Planning Guide, Cub Scout Den & Pack Ceremonies, Cub Scout Leader Book (pictured), and Webelos Leader Guide. The remaining four will be available this year.

If you'd like to get a sneak peek at the other covers, click here. And don't miss the BSA's official Web site about the new delivery method.

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