Lionel will create limited-edition replica of BSA locomotive


When we told you about Union Pacific's BSA locomotive last month, were you dreaming of ways to get that 207-ton beauty in your living room?

Well, a solution is coming that won't require you to knock down the walls of your home. Lionel Electric Trains just announced that they're making a replica of the BSA 2010 engine.

“It is a special privilege for Lionel to be making the UP No. 2010 this year. Lionel has always been proud of our relationships with both Union Pacific and Boy Scouts of America,” said Lionel CEO Jerry Calabrese. “When we heard that UP would be honoring the great American tradition of Scouting, we just knew we had to be a part of it.”

The limited-edition train will be featured in Vol. 2 of Lionel's 2010 catalog, meaning it will be available in time for the holiday season. It will feature the same design and logos seen on its full-size counterpart (pictured above).

If you can't wait to add something from Lionel to your Scouting collection, check out their other Boy Scout-related products.

Cracker Barrel will have more details on the UP No. 2010 replica as Lionel releases them. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, well, it has been posted up with the locomotive. not sure when it will be available but it is in the catalog. some of the hobby shops also have it on their website.
    Now for the bad news. I dont think that they expect any of the Boy Scouts to actually get this locomotive. They are saying it is $850.00. There will also be a couple of cars and a caboose. those are each under $100.00.

  2. I ordered this engine through Nicolas Smith Trains in Broomall, PA–my favorite Lionel store. I received a call in early January 2011 that it was in. I purchased it on January 11, 2011. It is a wonderful addition to my train collection. It is expensive, but I have been in Scouting for 60 years and it is near and dear to my heart, and now this engine is also. I am glad Lionel decided to come out with this item.

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