January-February Where Am I? winner announced


The January-February edition of our popular “Where Am I?” reader
contest turned out to be the toughest yet.

It’s our own fault. All the facts about the mystery location
were true, but some of them might have thrown you off the scent.

Let’s review: You probably recognized New York City right
away. It was hard to miss the taxis in the photo—and our mentions of Broadway,
pizza, and a hotdog stand. But identifying one building among the Big Apple’s
sea of skyscrapers? That’s not easy.

To help you find this needle in a haystack, we gave you
these clues:

  • “I toy with the
  • “…[an old] photograph [of the building] was probably a
    century old…”
  • “I find a bench at the park across the street and try to iron out the details…”

The first clue references the building’s current inhabitant:
the International Toy Center. The last clue, “iron out the details,” plays on the
building’s location in the Flatiron District of Manhattan (several of you
picked up on those right away).

Hundreds of readers put the pieces together and came up with
the correct address: 200 Fifth Avenue
in New York City. But merely telling us the building’s address wasn’t enough.
We wanted to know what makes the building noteworthy.

Of the 1,000 answers we received, only 128 correctly
identified 200 Fifth Avenue as the original
headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America
. The “Where Am I?” location
seemed a fitting selection to commemorate the BSA’s 100th Anniversary.

We assigned a number to each of those 128 right answers, and
then we used a random-number generator to select our winner: answer No. 6,
belonging to George Colflesh of
Troop 7 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

George will receive a $100 gift card to the BSA’s Supply
Group. Congratulations!

If you didn’t win this time, try again with our March-April
“Where Am I?” contest
. You have until April 23 to send us your
thought. Good luck!

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