Centennial rank advancement badges now available for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh, to be young again?”
The time-honored phrase must ring true now for you former Scouts with the
release of special 2010 rank-advancement insignia.

If you were still of Scouting age, you could proudly sew one
of these once-in-a-lifetime patches onto your uniform. But, according to
another time-honored phrase: Timing is everything.

Instead, proudly award the badges to the boys in your pack
or troop. Sure, it would be great to earn one of these yourself. But presenting
the patches to a pumped-up Cub Scout or Boy Scout will make you feel great. Promise.

Each patch bears the appropriate embroidered logo that matches
the boy’s rank. What’s different is the inclusion of the year “2010” to
commemorate this special time in Scouting history.

Like all rank-advancement patches, these are restricted
items and can’t be ordered online. So bring the proper paperwork when you visit
your local Scout Shop to pick them up.

Oh, and you’d better move fast. Like most of the special
centennial items, these badges won’t be available after the end of the year.

What might make you feel
young again is something wearable in your size that commemorates this
special year. Go for it, at scoutstuff.org.

[Thanks to Brent Clark for the tip on these new patches.]

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