The 10 elements of a great Cub Scout camp

Want to make Cub Scout camps a great experience for boys? Then just make sure the camp has these 10 simple elements, courtesy of Dennis Kampa of the Rocky Mountain Council:

  1. Top-notch camp leadership and quality, trained camp staff
  2. Safe environment
  3. "Customer" service
  4. Emphasis on transitioning into Boy Scouts
  5. Ethical education
  6. Parental involvement
  7. Outdoor adventures
  8. Age-appropriate venue
  9. Great program
  10. Fun and around a theme

Can you think of any to add? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I would add setting expectations to the list. Let the parents (or at least unit leadership) know what will be expected of them. For example, my Pack recently went to a neighboring councils parent and cub weekend and we were all assigned shifts to work in the mess hall and clean up duties. I am OK with helping out but I didn’t like being surprised by this especially when it would have been very easy to let people know this up front when the reservations were made.

  2. Maybe this is part of setting expectations or just good customer service, but I would say that an essential is communications. It seems that often the initial announcements aren’t followed by much of the needed detail. Is lunch provided? Are siblings welcome? Is there a required ratio of pack leaders to youth? Do they need to bring special supplies (like 2L bottles for water rockets)? Do you register with your pack or individually? Is there a rain plan?
    The worst example I’ve seen was a daycamp that had changed the location for the camp and 36 hours before the first day, pack leaders and parents had not been notified of the change.
    I understand semper gumby and the need to stay flexible and adjust to the realities of the situation, but occasionally we make things harder than they need to be.

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