Plans for dinner: 2010 Jamboree theme nights outlined

Jambologo Dinners at the jamboree have always been tasty, but they're about to get a whole lot better. Bring on the theme nights!

At the 2010 National Scout Jamboree next year, organizers have planned eight different theme nights for participating troops. The themes are:

  • July 26: Western
  • July 27: Tex-Mex
  • July 28: Mardi Gras 
  • July 29: Iron Chef (patrols will create a dinner from secret ingredients)
  • July 30: All-American
  • July 31: Arena show (patrols will carry no-cook meals to the arena)
  • Aug. 1: Asian
  • Aug. 2: Dinner Impossible (adults cook for the Scouts)
  • Aug. 3: Chicago

It's clear that boys and adult volunteers won't go hungry at this year's jamboree.

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