Deadline is here for Scouting magazine photo contest


You say you haven’t yet put away all the gear from your
troop’s weeklong backpacking, canoeing, or camping trip? No big deal. But
there’s one item you simply must not wait to unpack: your camera.

Why? Tomorrow is the deadline to enter Scouting magazine’s Celebrate the Adventure photo contest. Dig out
that camera now and send us your favorite photographs from any Cub Scout, Boy
Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing adventure.

First, check out this quick reminder about the rules:

must be a registered BSA adult member to participate.

allowed three total entries.

your photos as compressed JPEGs. Each file must be between 750KB and 1MB.

we select your photo, we’ll need the uncompressed image of at least 9MB, so
hang onto your original files.

become the property of Scouting
magazine and must be your own original work.

What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll get your photos published
in our magazine, which is read by 1.2 million Scouters nationwide. Also,
winners receive BSA Supply Group gift cards:

grand prize

first place

second place

third place

honorable mention

It’s too late to mail us prints. But, hey, this is the 21st
century. There’s still time to submit your entries online by clicking here.

Good luck! Check out the winners in our March-April 2010

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