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Twitterlogo We’re excited to announce that Cracker Barrel has officially
joined the rest of the world. Yeah, we’ve created a Twitter account.

If you’re already on Twitter, just follow @cbblog. If not,
click here to get to our page and for instructions about how to
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For the uninitiated, Twitter is a great way to keep up with
the latest news, information, or random musings from friends, family,
celebrities, politicians, athletes, companies, news organizations, and, well,
everything. These 140-character-or-less messages, known as Tweets, are
organized chronologically in a handy list. That makes it easy to see the latest
buzz about topics that interest you.

Cracker Barrel’s Twitter page will tell you when a new blog
post arrives, but that’s not all. We’ll also dish out news about Scouting, tips
for leaders, and links to Scouting-related news stories.

What are you waiting for? Follow @cbblog today!

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