Name That Council: September 18, 2009 solution

If you had a tough time figuring out Friday’s patch, we
understand. It has a great design and looks slick on a Scout uniform, but it
lacks any obvious clues about the council’s location.

If you looked closely, though, you might have seen the No. 1
inside the fleur-de-lis in the center of the patch. Did you know what it meant?
Follow the jump and find out.


It’s the Greater Alabama Council, based in
Birmingham. It serves 22 counties in northern Alabama. Congrats to Craig Burrell of the Jersey Shore Council for being the first to respond correctly.

So what’s with the No. 1? Well, each council is assigned a
three-digit number for record keeping, and the Greater Alabama Council’s number
is 001. Their URL is even
If you knew that the No. 1 in the patch referred to the council’s number but
were stuck on how to use that information, you could have tried the Local
Council Locator
. The site lets you enter either a ZIP code or a
council number to find the matching council.

Back on Friday with another challenge.

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