Knot of the Week: Adult religious award


No matter which faith you choose, being Reverent is Law in
Scouting. Leaders who practice what their religion preaches are eligible to
earn the silver-and-purple adult religious emblem pictured above.

Rather than a separate square knot for each of Scouting’s
30-plus religious emblems, this knot represents them all. Leaders may still
wear their faith’s religious medal on their uniform if they’d like.

Check out the May-June issue of Scouting magazine for the full story on how to earn an
adult religious award. If you’ve read the story, you know that adult religious
emblems are much different from the ones for youth.

Youth follow a specific program designed for their age group
by a special committee made up of members of their faith. The awards are meant
to educate and inspire young adults in the teachings of their religion. After
they’ve checked off all requirements, these youngsters can wear a silver knot
on a purple background—the inverse of the adult knot.

The adult award is more abstract, in a sense, because there
isn’t a checklist. Adult recipients don’t know they’ve been nominated by their
peers as recognition for service to their faith and to Scouting.

If you know a worthy Scouter, check with your religious institution
for details on the nomination process. You’ll find details on contacting each
faith at PRAY’s Web site.

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